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Biggie Smalls - Collingwood - Friday 11 December 2015 - Dinner

Walking down Smith Street towards Biggie Smalls I couldn’t help but double take at one of the other kebab shops along the way. It’s claim to fame is being the shop that is used for a TV show. 372 more words

Smith Street Shambler

he shambles down Smith street.

he is not drunk. his face is crinkled but would look more so if it were not covered by a leonine mane of grey. 310 more words


Mr Scruff’s – Collingwood – Sunday 18 October 2015 – Lunch

Something that will never go out of fashion is burgers and burger joints. It has been said of many things; but even the worst burger is still good. 301 more words

Burnside / Fitzroy

When wandering through Fitzroy and craving a coffee we stumbled upon Burnside on the corner of Smith and Gertrude Streets. It’s quite a relaxed cafe and the staff are friendly but casual. 108 more words


Eating at: MJR TOM

Deliciousness on Smith Street – MJR TOM

A great place to eat both healthy and unhealthy foods! I like cafes that are able to cater for both, as sometimes i’m not really in the mood to eat all the oil and all the fat. 111 more words


Smith Street Deli

Thanks to Bayards Cove Inn for my free stay reviewing near Dartmouth.

GRACE ♥♥♥♥♥

A small deli in a lovely old building, this one boasts several low oak tables, a window breakfast bar, soft jazz, and a really nice atmosphere. 168 more words

Cream Tea

How to bring spring into your home…without offending the neighbours

As the old saying goes, ‘spring has sprung’.

As you feel the warmth and light gradually come through your bedroom window earlier and earlier, and you suddenly feel the need to shave your legs (no judgement…it’s been a long winter!) you may be thinking how you can further perpetuate this warmth through the rest of your home. 797 more words

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