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A Voyage to Sfanomoë

A Voyage to Sfanomoë

The marvelous tale of Hotar and Evidon and their voyage to the planet Sfanomoë, from the last isle of foundering Atlantis.  Note: Clark Ashton Smith single title and a short story… 7 more words

Clark Ashton Smith

Waxing & Cleaning

Hello again, so quickly after my last post!

Yesterdays work included cleaning and waxing of a Gloucestershire Clock I have for sale, and indeed the colours of the timber gently began to reveal themselves as some of the hardly touched surface was waxed and enhanced, a real treat to work on. 52 more words

The Voyage of King Eurovan

The Voyage of King Eurovan

The Gazolba had absconded with the rarest of crowns! A dangerous quest to find it and return it begins! Note: includes Quest of the Gazolba, a revised version of the story… 15 more words

Clark Ashton Smith

Street War

In the news, reports of a Homeless man shot dead, by Los Angeles Police Department, in the Skid Row area , Los Angeles, California. A video of the altercation was captured by a bystander. 76 more words

The First of the Smith Polyhedra: An Example of Mathematical Collaboration

Recently, a reader of this blog contacted me about a polyhedron he wished to model. His name is Dave Smith, and he had already done much of the work involved, but needed help finishing off his project. 272 more words



It’s too bad that we don’t generally develop an interest in family history until all the elderly relatives are gone.  I was only four years old when my Great Aunt Annie died, my mother was 38.  179 more words