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The shoeing of working animals

My first knowledge of the art and trade of the blacksmith (errementaria, in Basque) came in childhood. I was no more than nine or ten years of age when, on a Saturday morning, my mother tasked me with a most peculiar errand: I was to help a neighbour walk a cow to the blacksmith’s in Maruri-Jatabe, a nearby locality some nine kilometres from Urduliz (Bizkaia), my native village. 621 more words

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the process of disenchantment is irreversible

From “Disenchantment—Reenchantment” by Charles Taylor (within The Joy of Secularism: 11 Essays for How We Live Now edited by George Levine):

These terms are often used together, the first designating one of the main features of the process we know as secularization, the second a supposed undoing of the first, which can be either desired or feared, according to one’s point of view.

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The Sherbrooke Record - Obituaries - January 18-19, 1960

Armstrong, John

(published January 18, 1960 )

At the home of his daughter, Mrs. Ben Billing, St. Elie d’Orford, Que., on Saturday, January 16, 1960, John Armstrong, beloved husband of the late Mary McKinley and father of Mrs. 202 more words

The Sherbrooke Record

A Scoop of Butter Pecan🍨: Healing the Mother-Daughter Relationship.  

“what if
there isn’t enough time
to give her what she deserves
do you think
if i begged the sky hard enough
my mother’s soul would… 1,028 more words

if the church no longer has “good” magic

How (Not) To Be Secular: Reading Charles Taylor by James K. A. Smith:

One can see how this entails a kind of disenchantment: “we reject the sacramentals; all the elements of ‘magic’ in the old religion” (p.

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52 Ancestors #16 Storms

The topic for week 16 was “Storms”.  When I think of storms here in Australia, I think of what would have the most impact, and I came up with “floods”.  251 more words

52 Ancestors In 52 Weeks

closer in a way to the original day of the crucifixion

Working to capture the first step of Charles Taylor’s argument within A Secular Age, James K.A. Smith summarizes five pre-modern ways of understanding (or of inhabiting life) that served for centuries as powerful obstacles to unbelief: 404 more words

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