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Brimsworth v Dartful Dodgers Too (SM1-6)

It was a hot day. It was hot like holiday outside. Ice cream was melting. Ice cream sticks were hot to the touch. All the humans were happy and radiating joy and beauty. 308 more words

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Smithfield, NC Eye Doctor: How Prolonged Computer Work Causes Dry Eyes

Computers have and will always be a part of our everyday life in the workplace. By now, people are more aware that prolonged exposure to the computer’s glare can strain the eye, leading to Dry Eyes Syndrome as an aggravating side-effect. 122 more words

The Smithfield Tavern - and a visit to Blackjack Brew Tap and Runaway Brewery

Fresh from spending a week in Cologne drinking pretty much nothing but Kolsch, we headed into town this weekend to visit the recently reopened Smithfield Tavern… 1,022 more words


41-42 Cloth Fair: City of London's oldest house which has survived the Great Fire and the Blitz

The Great Fire of London ravaged the City of London in 1666, altering the cityscape forever. However, despite the fire ending around Giltspur Street just 300 metres away, one home dating to before the fire still survives today. 645 more words


3 Colours Smithfield


It was around 2005 when I was introduced to the Smithfield (Hotel).  Inside it was all red carpet, an oddly placed pool table, wobbly chairs and short-tempered dogs. 376 more words


Brimsworth v Athletico Queens Head (SM1-5)

It was time for the Brimsworth v Athletico Queens Head rematch. Athletico turned up and they looked keen and mean. They wanted the win and put the Brim side under a lot of pressure. 233 more words

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Smithfield man sentenced after stealing boat, reporting owner missing

NEWPORT NEWS, Va. (WAVY) — A Smithfield man will spend over a year behind bars after falsifying reports about a missing boater on the James River last year. 94 more words

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