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"The Way We Worked"

Art Gallery 21 is thrilled to announce that we have been selected by the Florida Humanities Council as a 2017 host site for “The Way We Worked,” 72 more words

American Culture

Adam and Eve Get Their Junk Back, Is Istanbul's Art Scene Finished? ...And More

A 16th century book that depicts Adam and Eve nude was later overpainted by some prudish but unidentified owner. Now, a British museum was able to remove the overpainting, digitally. 238 more words

Jeffrey Deitch

Volunteering for #citizenscience in the digital realm

Over the last few months, an impressive swag of citizen science-related publications have been released: insightful strategy documents, reports, and countless papers published in peer reviewed journals. 652 more words


Lost and Found - June 27th Edition

What to remember about June 27th…


October 9, 1902

Thurs Oct 9  An Extra fine warm day  we arose late & had breakfast at our room house & paid Mrs Brown 25c Each  We then took trolley line for downtown & met Moore Reed & Strubles at the Barton hotel headquarters for Iowa & at 9 Am we all went to the Treas department  had a guide who Explained the diferent rooms & made it very interesting  one million average Each day of our paper money is Sent here for redemption as Spoiled mutilated or worn out currency  tis ground to pulp & Sold at $40 a ton  Saw women counting sorting & packing greenbox & postage stamps  then we went to National Museum & Smithsonian institute & saw many Stuffed birds & snakes of all kinds & sizes & many models & many wax life like Statues of diferent tribes of Indians  the Smithsonian institute did not seem near as interesting as it did 37 years ago  took a short rest & got dinner & then went to our rooms & in good season retired to rest  I sent a paper… 27 more words

1898-1923 Leaving The Farm Behind

An Increase and Diffusion of Knowledge

In the early 1800s, America was expanding in many ways. Part of that expansion was the education of Americans both in the classroom and otherwise. 332 more words

Early Republic

Weekend In: Washington DC, Part 2

In my previous post, I talked a bit about determining travel and accommodations when planning a trip. For nearly every trip, travel and accommodations will be the most expensive part of your location. 405 more words