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Periscope Piracy Sets Up Grudge Match: Hollywood vs. Twitter

Forget Mayweather-Pacquiao. There’s a more interesting fight brewing between Twitter and Hollywood.

The piracy of Saturday’s welterweight boxing championship enabled by Periscope, a livestreaming app recently… 793 more words


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This is a prime example of the challenges that the law has when trying to keep up with evolving technology. The technology wins everytime and then we are left to clean up the mess later.

Do you have a reasonable expectation of privacy in social network posts? No, here is why ...

There is no reasonable expectation of privacy in information you post on social networking sites, regardless of what privacy setting you use.  

That is the rule that can be taken from  452 more words

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ISIS Selfies Demonstrate the Connection Between Social Media and Business Situational Awareness

What is Situational Awareness?

A Navy SEAL describes situational awareness in this way: “[i]n military-speak, situational awareness is defined as the ability to identify, process, and comprehend the critical elements of information about what is happening to the team with regard to a mission. 674 more words

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Social Media Law Presentation Slides for MENG Webinar

I recently had the pleasure of presenting a nationally broadcast webinar on social media law to MENG (Marketing Executives Networking Group) which is a national network of top-level marketing executives. 346 more words

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Using Social Media in Your Law Practice - Presentation to Collin County Bar Association #ccba

Today I have the pleasure of speaking to a great group of Collin County lawyers in the Collin County Bar Association’s monthly general meeting about the practical and ethical considerations of using social media in a law practice as well as my own tips that I have learned by using social media in my practice. 284 more words

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