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Holiday needlework

I love school holidays – it means needlework, relaxing, reading, sleeping in and blobbing on the couch! Finished more Splendid Sampler blocks, embroidered block 1 of 6 for a quilted blanket and finished a smocked dress! 15 more words

How many styles in Babeeni Easter collection? (Part 7)

Apart from smocked pajamas and smocked loungewear, baby girls still have a kind of charming dress for sleeping time, it is smocked night dress… 152 more words

Smocked Clothes

Some notes when storing hand smocked clothes

Hand smocked clothes are beautiful but they are not worn for all seasons. When weather changes, the clothes should be store for next time. But how to store them in the right way is not known by almost people. 116 more words

Smocked Clothes

Special care for smocked baby clothing

If you have a smocked baby clothing, whether it’s a treasured family smocked christening gown or a beautiful baby smocked dress you found in an antiques shop, you’ll have to take an extra-delicate approach. 171 more words

Smocked Clothing

A Little Dress

A friend of mine from uni has a daughter who’s turning one in a few weeks, so I’ve been working on this dress to give her. 71 more words

Make children happy with hand-me-down smocked clothing (part 1)

Children grow fast. Therefore it’s a waste if all mothers go to buy new smocked clothes for their children. There is a good suggestion has been share which is passing down the clothes for relatives or friends’ little kids. 174 more words

Smocked Clothing