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Sold - Fat Bird

So this perpetually surprised fat bird flew off to London last night.
Someone called from London Friday afternoon asking for a next day delivery after the post office deadline, and it just so happened that a friend of mine was going up to town. 9 more words

Blue Simona, ceramic torso

Ceramic torso, 53″ x 34″
I just discovered her in the cellar. It was probably made 3 or 4 years ago. It is glazed and then smoke fired, which is where the black markings and patterns come from. 18 more words

New ceramic torso sculptures

‘Girl with a Lizard Tattoo’, 40cm x40 cm, smoke fired ceramic torso

I am loving the recent gales; the winds fan up my smoke bins to incredible temperatures and providing the sculptures survive the heat, and the bins don’t take off over the roof tops, the result is worth the risk. 11 more words

New Fat Birds

Anna Keiller Ceramics proudly presents a clutch of New Fat Birds!

I am busy updating my website www.annakeiller.com

I had a nice little run on them earlier in the week… 38 more words

Sculpture of a tiny man...

This is a ceramic sculpture of my X-husband. It is partially glazed and then smoke fired.
It has a tiny little head and tiny little arms…but a big fat belly!


Zacharia's Angel

This was my second attempt to create a ‘pregnant’ torso, inspired by the story about Zacharia’s meeting with the Angel.

The torso and wings are glazed and smoke fired ceramics. 15 more words

The ceramic totem pole

The final totem pole measures 110 cm high and this is one side of it showing Maggot and the open hand of Gaia.  It is being exhibited at the Isabel Blackman center in Hastings Old town as part of the Jack in the Green festival. 29 more words