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My Battle of Quitting Smoking

In my last couple of posts, I have discussed my difficulties with staying smoke free. My emotions and physical state, creates a reassurance that I am just a smoker and should not try to change this fact. 296 more words


Expanding Sacred Space

This week I decided to make a vision collage of my journey to stay quit.

The egg represents my womb, which I have managed to create as a smoke free environment in the best interest of my baby and which I hope to expand to include the rest of my family and myself. 190 more words


I Can't See Through All The Smoke!

Life is not very clear when there is smoke surrounding anything of interest to you, especially when you want to watch something informative and entertaining. As mentioned… 102 more words


This is it now, just one more day and I’ll have completed my month of no smoking!

I’ve rather neglected my commitment to documenting the experience but I’ve been really busy with third year uni stuff, which is a lot worse than I ever thought it was going to be! 404 more words


Hanging In There

It is now 4 days and 1/2 that I’m smoke free and I’m not having a good day. Surprisingly, I have absolutely no cravings and seemingly no side effects or withdrawl symptoms. 113 more words

Smoking Myths and Truths: Courtesy of Your School's Bathroom Wall

Gossip travels far and inaccurately, with new bits of information added and taken out as it passes from person to person. Each transfer reminds college students of the game “Telephone”, which most recall playing during camping trips, rainy days, or power outages. 869 more words