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Smoking in movies encourages youth to take up the habit, Peterborough public health officials say

When it comes to film and television, Peterborough health officials say smoking cigarettes has no place on the big or small screen.

On Tuesday night, board members from the Peterborough Public Health team heard a presentation on why smoking should be banned and restricted in films as it only normalizes a deadly habit. 339 more words


8 days smoke free!

I have officially made it over a week without smoking cigarettes. Most of my physical symptoms from quitting have subsided, although I’ve had a new one pop up. 470 more words

Day 5 after quitting nicotine -- cravings are in decline, but anxiety is up.

Yesterday was (so far) the worst day for withdrawals. Today has been better as far as the physical symptoms, and the depression doesn’t seem to be as bad, but the anxiety is still very much present. 388 more words

The severity of nicotine withdrawal is a shocker.

I had no idea that nicotine withdrawal would, or even could be this bad. Day four has been the absolute worst so far. My willpower is waning with each intense mood swing. 602 more words

Driving triggers nicotine withdrawal.

I made it to the doctor’s office, and I must say that driving is definitely a trigger for nicotine withdrawal. As soon as I pulled out of my driveway I was ready to light up. 183 more words

Second day smoke free.

I woke up just a bit ago. I intentionally slept longer in the hope that my withdrawals wouldn’t be so bad today. My thinking was that the longer I sleep, the fewer withdrawals I’ll have to endure. 530 more words

Nicotine withdrawal is causing me insomnia to the max

So… here I am, slightly past the 24-hour smoke free mark, and I’m having some hella insomnia. I was hoping that it would be more temporary than that, but hey, it’s only my second day of not smoking. 307 more words