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Time flies

I would have never thought I would make it this far so easy. Every now and then it comes to my mind that I want to smoke, or that I could try to be one of these occasional smokers. 111 more words

Stop Smoking

The Hollow

I guess this is what we find it hardest to deal with: the hollow. The void feeling that suddenly attacks you from nowhere, and places itself in the area between your mouth and your stomach in the blink of an eye. 193 more words

Stop Smoking

The Downs

This is one of those moments where you usually would like to smoke. You would smoke your life away and believe that it helps you forget or at least smooth your problems. 192 more words

Stop Smoking

5 simple and tested ways to beat addiction

Actions are powerful, they can day after day, slowly and unconsciously harden into habits. Habits that creep in and take control of your life by kicking out your good sense and making you feel like a captive. 539 more words


Quitting & Weight Gain

As of right now, I am just under 14 months smoke free. Let me tell you, I feel amazing! Well, other than the weight I gained. 385 more words

Quitting Smoking

Hey Folks =)

This site will promote and highlight non-smoking bars, pubs and Kneipen in Berlin. I am myself quite ambitious about spending my evenings and nights in places where the air is comfortably breathable and I do not have to take the stink with me to the next morning as a memory (often in addition to a hangover…). 81 more words


More state park beaches going smoke-free

Two years after banning smoking on beaches at Pine Grove Furnace State Park in Cumberland County, the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources  announced Tuesday it is expanding the trial program to include eight new state parks across Pennsylvania. 313 more words