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Red Lights, Green Lights, And Smoke Screens

Our marriage community group is going through a book and DVD series titled, Grace-Filled Marriage, by Tim and Darcy Kimmel. In our last session the topic was Grace-Filled Sex, and he told a story I’d like to share with you, paraphrased as I heard it. 555 more words

Christian Marriage

Smoke screen

Ever love/hated a book so much?! Sandra Brown takes that to a whole new level. Having had this book at work for well over a month and nothing else to read, I finally opened the book.  295 more words


Charting the South Alabama Game

The South Alabama game was all about inside zone runs and a ton of different motions.  Nebraska showed 4 different inside zone variants, 1 option, 6 outside zone plays, 1 QB Power Sweep, 4 Power/Counter plays, and 3 jet sweeps.   827 more words

Nebraska Passing Concepts - BYU

Nebraska’s first drive against BYU also illustrated some of the things that Mike Riley and Danny Langsdorf like to use to get easy throws and give the QB options to deal with multiple coverage looks.   1,796 more words

Smoke 'Em If You Got 'Em

An “eccentric” British man attempted to elude police by using a homemade smoke screen system reminiscent of James Bond films.

A speeding driver who set off a James Bond-style smokescreen device as he tried to shake off a police officer was spared jail today.

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This Transformers Stop Motion Movie Is Better Than Michael Bay's Movies

When it was announced that the Transformers were going to be made into a live action movie, fans were thrilled and jumping for joy. Then they announced Michael Bay was doing it, and we all got a little scared. 129 more words


Politik Smoke Screen (Lagi) ?

Indonesia darurat smoke/asap,tidak ada yang bisa membantahnya ! Baik asap yang bermakna menurut KBBI uap yang dapat terlihat yang dihasilkan dari pembakaran maupun politik layar asap atau smoke screen politic.Loh,kumaha ? 531 more words