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Chicken Kebabs with Smoked Paprika Orange Sauce

My husband has been asking about kebabs, so when the weather turned to the warmer side, I am firing up a grill. This time, I decided to try a chicken kabob with a delicious smoked paprika orange sauce. 406 more words


Paprika Pork With Sauerkraut

This was a perfect dinner for a Soccer Sunday.

We started the day’s sporting activities with a nice, leisurely kick scooter ride to watch Paleovirtus Jr. 442 more words


Quinoa Patties

These crispy little patties are fried in coconut oil; shape and freeze between layers of parchment paper in an airtight container before frying if you don’t want to cook them all at once. 292 more words

Food Prep

Dinner, 16th March 2014: Butternut squash risotto

I didn’t cook all the squash from dinner a few days ago, so still had some left to use up. I would usually add pinenuts to this dish. 138 more words

Changing the Way America Cooks One Backyard at a Time

Americans are culinary wusses!

It’s true. America is the spice wimp capital of the world.  We produce the mildest, blandest, least interesting food in the world, and then try to disguise that fact by drowning our food in sugar. 606 more words

Health Issue

Skillet Roast Chicken and Potatoes

We’ve been a little obsessed with Cook’s Illustrated recently … after delving into and enjoying their cookbook The Science of Good Cooking I lucked upon the recent publication Best of 2015 on the magazine stand: 320 more words

Chickpeas frittata with broccoli, leek and smoked paprika - Farifrittata di broccoli, porro e paprika affumicata

Hello everyone!

Today I want introduce to you the best chickpeas frittata I have ever made. I hope you like it!

Ingredients for a 28 cm diameter pan: 315 more words