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Chipotle Meatloaf

There are so many different meatloaves out there but this is by far one of my favorites (besides my Mom’s classic meatloaf).  Tons of flavor! My husband and son love it and I have made it numerous times. 584 more words


Slow Roasted Ribs

Sadly, my Maple Chipotle Rub being sent from Canada seems to have gotten lost along the way. In desperation I sought out another rub recipe on… 297 more words


Jammin' with a Fridge Full of Tomatoes

What’s a chef to do when he finds pounds and pounds of awesome ripe tomatoes in the walk-in cooler, and there’s no plan for them?  The tomato version of ‘making lemons into lemonade’, of course.  190 more words

Recipe Of The Week

Salsa Experiment

There are lots of Green Zebra tomatoes coming in from the garden so I made a green salsa. You will find the recipe below.

The original recipe didn’t have the paprika in it and I canned the salsa without it being perfect. 345 more words


Kitsch- The Problem of the Theory of Taste Hierarchies

“Melancholic kitsch utilizes allegory to invoke the ephemeral nature of life and to preserve memory. Nostalgic kitsch in contrast, obliterates memory by transforming it into a fetishized cultural fossil, an empty symbol that encourages stasis rather than growth… In an essay that posits kitsch as a distinct visual strategy, Binkley suggests a connection between nostalgic longing and the use of repetition, imitation and emulation. 648 more words


Lamb Stew with Smoked Paprika and Zucchini

Lamb shank is one of my favorite cuts of meat, especially when cooked sous-vide. It is so flavorful, tender, and moist. And so I keep coming up with new ways to prepare it. 564 more words


Spanish shrimp

This recipe came from a Rachel Ray Magazine long ago and has since become a favorite dish in our household.

It’s really quite simple but it hits the spot every time! 126 more words