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Modern Bavarian Food Diary: Day 8

Sunday waffles and coffee! A bike ride down the Isa. A Mandarin spritzes and some fries to share because someone needed glucose and someone else needed grease. 43 more words

Dinner Diary


You know what, it turns out pancakes are not as hard to make as I’ve always been lead to believe. Pop culture informed me that the first pancake goes straight in the bin and the likelihood is that one will stick to the ceiling when you flip them. 252 more words

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Smoked Salmon Spread

Hi everybody!

I am coming back today with another salmon recipe! Today’s recipe is perfect for appetizers and let’s be honest pretty much every moment of the day actually. 450 more words


SLTC: Salmon, Lettuce, Tomato and Cucumber on a Jalapeño Bagel

If you have a BLT sandwich, then I’ve got an SLTC, yeah! In observance of the Lenten season, I made a sandwich utilizing an Au Bon Pain Jalapeño Cheddar bagel and made an SLTC, which is smoked salmon, lettuce, tomato, and cucumber. 178 more words


something fishy

Happy March to one and all… (indeed….I realize it’s March 22 and not March 2…time flies…). Here are some fishy meals from a mercury filled week: 432 more words

Smoked Salmon Spread

If you can be obsessed with smoked salmon then I’m guilty as charged

Smoked salmon sandwiches, smoked salmon canapes, smoked salmon quiches… I could go on… 489 more words


Smoked Salmon, Sharp Cheddar & Chive Whole Wheat Scones

Spring and summer to me smell like salmon, fresh wind off the waves, and smoke wafting in from the smokehouse fire. With the recent increase in daylight and gloriously warming sun filtering in through the windows I can almost smell what is to come… 638 more words