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Leek and salmon frittata

I was having my aunt Dawn over for lunch one Saturday and as she is mostly vegetarian, though occasionally eats fish, I wanted to find something simple and filling for lunch which we would both enjoy. 273 more words



A naturally savory and herby breakfast with a new take on smoked-salmon. 89 more words


Salad of the week: Salmon Nicoise

This salad came about as a result of having some smoked salmon in the fridge which I’d forgotten about. Never a great thing. Luckily it was still within it’s use by date, so with the addition of a few extras, it became a quite delicious Friday night dinner. 308 more words


Exclusive Recipe: Tobacco Smoked Salmon

Cigarettes are great and all that, but smoked salmon is greater. Indeed, it does make one wish there was a way to combine the glorious taste of luxurious and regal smoked salmon with the putrid pungency of invasive, retch-inducing tobacco. 419 more words


Smoked Salmon Mousse – Kevin Dundon

Smoked Salmon Mousse with Cucumber Jelly & Lemon Froth By Kevin Dundon


  • 200g/8oz smoked salmon
  • 200g/8 fl oz fish Stock
  • 100g/4oz Avonmore Butter, softened…
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Dining Out: IKEA, New Haven, CT

Yes, I know, Ikea has meatballs and a bunch of other food items in their cafeteria.  I’m very very picky about meatballs, and I’d say none of the other menu reached out and grabbed me, either, but I will say one item did appeal to me. 224 more words


#JanuaryWhole30 - Day 29

Day 29! That means that’s almost it! Yay!

I almost decided to write only tomorrow, but then I figures that the last 2 days deserve a post for each, so here I am after a really busy day (have been to kids school 4 times today!!! 268 more words

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