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Mediterranean Salmon Sandwich

Fish is a staple of healthy eating, so satisfy your salmon cravings with one of our favorite sandwich recipes – made all the better with a generous spread of Dairygold Original. 126 more words


Savoury pancakes with smoked salmon and dollop of Avonmore Sour cream

Cook With Avonmore

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Looking for some brunch inspiration? These savoury pancakes with smoked salmon and dollop of Avonmore Sour cream are sure to impress! 16 more words


One more day to go before I make my new shopping list…woop woop

Square puff pastry covered with a mixture of new Philadelphia, ‘active’, with even less kcal than the light one (92 kcal for 100 grams) with 4 chopped garlic cloves, pepper and salt. 58 more words


Last Morning in the Last Frontier

Ironically, I woke up gently on our last day. I was still tired, but I wasn’t as groggy as I had been for the past week. 618 more words

Old Time Bagels in Hazlet Achieves Perfection

Hazlet is far from being any kind of food Mecca, but at least there’s a place to get a decent bagel. Well, more than decent. Crisp on the outside, soft and fluffy on the inside. 235 more words

New Jersey

Canapé Gaudi

Nothing prepares you for the sight of Sagrada Familia in Barcelona. You have seen pictures and documentaries about this unfinished cathedral, but the scale of its surreality hits you in the face, no matter the sheer number of tourists flocking to take their selfies. 106 more words