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Smokehouse Part 6 - Thermal mass

When i made the last batch of snack stick and bologna I noticed my snack sticks appeared over cooked near the end, or the bottom. I did not notice anything with the bologna as it larger and thinker. 509 more words


Two Poems

by Jan Wiezorek


Sad wires
have set themselves
to humming in the backyard.

Unsettled peace
greys the rows
of tree fuzz.

Cardinals peep
contrapuntally, 198 more words


Salt Lick Smokehouse

Last night we had the lovely pleasure of being invited out for dinner by our friends Tom and Christina. They convinced us to try a local smokehouse here in Hamilton, Ontario. 557 more words

Pendergast - smokehouse

This modern neighborhood smokehouse is a hidden gem. Originated from Kansas City, now a neighborhood smokehouse of Westerpark. True to their roots, the waitresses serve by default in English no matter where they are or the guests are from. 164 more words


How it all began...

I could get into a political discussion, or complain about the irresponsible ways in which our Western society raises food, about population growth and the effect it has on the environment, but while all these reasons played a role in the decision to raise our own food, what really inspired us to take the first step was simple: we fell in love with an old farmhouse and we love good food. 467 more words

Gobble Stop Smokehouse

Gobble Stop Smokehouse
1227 Castillon Arcade Plaza, Creve Coeur, MO

Overall Rating: 9 Stars
Food Rating: 10 Stars
Service Rating: 9 Stars
Atmosphere Rating: 8 Stars… 608 more words