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Brett Eldredge Plays a Surprise Show at Old Crow Smokehouse in Wrigley!

Brett Eldredge played a surprise show after the Cubs game at Old Crow Smokehouse in Wrigley! He also sang the 7th inning stretch at the Cubs game and was spotted around town watching the Hawks game!

Photo Credits: Chris Anda


Session Report: Incubator Meetup - May 2015

Getting Started

A few things have changed since the last time I wrote about the first Incubator meetup back in October 2014. I’ve since stepped up my involvement and I’m now one of the three admins of the group, along with Justin and Stefan. 2,760 more words

Board Games!

Inside the Smokehouse

In June of 2014, we traveled to Vancouver Island to visit family. At the reserve in Gold River I took this photo inside a smokehouse, curing salmon in the traditional manner with the smoke  from elder wood. 19 more words


Old Fashioned Smokehouse BBQ

There is always debate regarding the best American BBQ because there are so many regional styles which have their own unique styles: Memphis, North Carolina, South Carolina, Kansas City, Central Texas, East Texas, and Alabama.   280 more words


Meat the Pretzel

So we’ve been conspiring, scheming and divising new and interesting ways to convert our beohemoth BBQ into tasty street food freindly portions as we hit the festival circuit through the summer. 427 more words


New Foodie Spot: Smokehouse Chiswick

Tried out the new Smokehouse in Chiswick (existing location is in Islington) two weekends ago during the soft launch.

The smokey whiff of what’s cookin’ in the kitchen hits you as you enter through the doors of what used to be a pub. 62 more words


Food Smoking: A Brief History

Let’s give it up to our ancestors, who ingeniously discovered the fine delicacy we call smoked meats. Way before modern gas grills and electric smokers, our ancestors learned that smoke preserves meat by both curing and dehydrating it in addition to adding a delicious smoky flavor to the food. 129 more words