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BB's Man of the Week

Here at Basically Bitchy, we appreciate a good smoke show. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, please review the ever-so-eloquent definition from everyone’s favorite conveyor of words, Urban Dictionary: 96 more words


Q & A with smokeshow Jess Whitsen

Name: Jess Whitsen

Height: 5’7

Birthplace: Houston, Texas

Boob size: 36 DD


Q: What’s your Favorite sport?

Jess: Lacrosse

Q What is your favorite NFL team? 261 more words


Deshaun Watson is Good?

Yes, of course he’s good. He’s┬ádominated at every level of football that he’s ever played in (someone find his pee wee tapes). His Sophomore year at Clemson he went for 47 total TD’s and over 5,000 yards and followed that up with 50 TD’s and over 5,000 yards again as a Junior. 350 more words


Welcome to the Smoke Show: Canoeing Glacier NP, Montana

(State #39/50) Sitting on a peninsula no larger than a tennis court, I watched gentle waves lap against the colorful, flat, stones of the shore. In both directions, a smooth, long lake filled the bottom of a u-shaped valley. 2,072 more words

Canoe 50