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Slack Packing and Thinking

We didn’t leave Miss Janet’s till about noon, getting us back to Spivey Gap around 12:45.  I took off in a hurry, I wanted to put as much space between me and everyone, getting some of that solo hiking in, also when I slack pack I like to keep my heart rate up for some cardio.  829 more words

Pictures and Socks

Waking up after 12 hours of sleep I felt refeshed,alive, returned to my natural self. I didn’t realize how tired I was from Trail Days till that moment. 919 more words

12 hours to refresh.

Hiking out in the afternoon is the worst, I’m already past the best part of the day and I’m starting to wind down. We didn’t arrive at the gap till about noon and was exhausted from the sleepless night in Hot Springs. 282 more words

Trail days and the return

After our two hour long ride into Damascus for Trail Days we all were eager to set up camp and hit the vendors, friends, and anything we might have been into.  1,319 more words

Relaxing and goofing off

Just as I had done the day before I was up and out early. Leaving down the trail, I found peace over the rolling smooth hills, the long slow slope down made for easy going and in general, a wonderful expierence.  670 more words

Killer rocks and killer views

I’ve been waking up around six for the past few days and it’s been quite nice.  No one else is up and if I need to I can get some writing done before the busyness of the day sets in.  679 more words

We have to go back

Kevin had quit and I was mad as hell.  I had 16 miles to do and I had left at 2 pm, it was going to be a very long day in the heat.  670 more words