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Siler Bald

Introductory Guide to Visiting Great Smoky Mountains National Park Area

Not to be confused with Silers Bald in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park, this 8.8 mile hike in Nantahala National Forest has some of the best views in the southern Appalachians – mountains roll out in every direction from the summit.   1,702 more words


Gregory Bald

Introductory Guide to Visiting Great Smoky Mountains National Park Area

Gregory Bald is famous for its brilliant display of flame azaleas each June.  On prior trips to the Smokies, we were in the area too early to catch the bloom.   2,143 more words


Lessons on Moving

My life has been one big box of junk for the past three months. I’ve posted enough about that move. If you’re like me and you’re behind on your blog reading, here’s a list of my previous posts. 797 more words

Life And Love

Avent Studio provides unique nature experience

Immersed in nature.

That was the feeling I had as I stood on the porch of Mayna Treanor Avent’s Studio in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. 428 more words

All Things Wood

Isn't One Christmas Enough?

Minor League organizations will try anything to get the crowds in. Sometimes going to such lengths as staging a competitive baseball match, for example.

Other times they are less willing to gamble on radical ideas like the one above, so they trot out the ole’ trusty prime promotions such as Star Wars Night, Revenge of the Jedi Afternoon, Jar-Jar Binks Bobblehead Evening, and so forth. 315 more words

Smoky Mountain National Park

A couple of my friends and I have recently decided that as a lifetime goal, we would like to visit all 59 national parks.  We camped at our first national park together two years ago at Congaree National Park. 428 more words


'The Big Fall' into sin - again!

I noticed the contradiction for a couple of days and named it. Preached it, even.

Then I fell for it.  And sinned big.  (Like in those days before I had heard about God’s biblical plan for wives.) 381 more words