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Smokin Barrels 2

Smokin Barrels 2 – In the Wild West, there is only one solution to solve any problem with someone: the duel. The rules are simple: if you are fast enough and you have a good target, then you will live, if not, you will die. 31 more words


RECIPE ALERT: Chef Will's Smokin' Collard Greens

For a second year in a row, one of our Harlem chef’s- William Crafton- and our Harlem staff rolled their sleeves up and served trainees at our Sankofa event for Client Appreciation Day. 231 more words

The Doe Fund

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An average day in Asia.


HUMBLE PIE - " 30 Days In The Hole "

Speaking of frequently covered songs, ’30 Days in the Hole’ ranks with Humble Pie’s most oft-revisited tracks since it was first unveiled as the second-side opener on 1972’s… 62 more words


The Mask

The Mask (1994) (101 mins)

Director – Chuck Russell

Starring – Jim Carrey, Cameron Diaz, Peter Greene

Premise – Stanley Ipkiss is transformed into the magical greenheaded superhero when he puts on a mysterious mask and gets caught in a lot of trouble as a result of it. 1,233 more words

9 Stars