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Comment: Prison cigarette ban is just the MoJ blowing smoke

New measure to stop smoking in prison is just MoJ covering its own back, writes Eric Allison

There are times when I seriously question the sanity of politicians who decide penal policy. 720 more words


“Up in Smoke”

Date of writing: 28/09/2015

One of the things that might strike a member of the public on entering a prison wing for the first time is something that they may have imagined to be a thing of the past: the lingering miasma of tobacco smoke. 976 more words

On-Campus Smoking to Change?

Maria Wittenauer – 

Many, if not all, of us have noticed students, staff, or faculty members smoking outside of buildings on campus. This has been allowed, as long as these individuals stay fifteen feet away from the buildings. 519 more words


New York Wants a Smoking Ban

Data from the American Nonsmokers’ Rights Foundation, a lobby group, cites nearly 150 municipalities that have outright banned smoking in public parks statewide.

According to Village Manager Richard Slingerland, the ban has been a useful tool in both keeping the public safe as well as ensuring that Mamaroneck’s parks stay clean. 363 more words

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A Smoker's Perspective on the Ontario Patio Smoking Ban

It’s not that bad. Summer has come and (almost) gone and I can’t honestly say I’m all that perturbed by the smoking ban anymore. Sure, the Ontario government is slowly making smoking illegal, but from a practical stand point, it’s got some good things behind it. 625 more words


No Ciggies For You, Driver...

Britain’s attitude to smoking has changed drastically over the past twenty years and 2015 looks set to further augment our nation’s smoking habits. As you may already know, a new law will be enforced from October 1st which prevents drivers from smoking in any vehicle that also carries a person under 18. 242 more words

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Smoking Rate Heads Down Again

Did you see the new score?  Public health: 1 Smoking rate: closer to 0, as the number of U.S. adults smoking cigarettes has dropped to a new low of 15.2%.   520 more words