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This is a cigar shop in Nice South of France. Great smoking room together with a fantastic humidor . The staff exceptionally friendly and helpful . 79 more words


Habana Cafe ,Montparnasse Paris


This is a great cigar bar in the area of Montparnasse In Paris.

The cigar smoking area is very comfortable and cozy. Very relaxed atmosphere. 308 more words


cigarro Hong Kong

This is a great cigar bar in Hong Kong. On the 3rd floor . Serves great food and drinks. Is members  only how ever they are very accommodating towards out of towners. 48 more words


Cigar shops and lounges of Europe

This blog will bring you down to earth infomation on good quality cigar shops and lounges from all the major cities in europe.Only shops and lounges I have been to personally will be listed or commented on. 44 more words

Quality Cigar Shops

Be a Part of the Tradition of Hookah

Hookahs are a part of an ancient tradition. It’s true. According to Cyril Elgood and Encyclopedia Iranica, hookahs were originally invented in India. The physician Irfan Shaikh brought the idea to the Mughal emperor in 1542 AD. 133 more words

GMANE - "Smoking Lounge" EP

Recorded all in one night, with 100 blunts and 2 gallons of red wine, in the legendary Area 51 Studios (Block Beattaz Studio), our OG Potna GMane brings you the “Smoking Lounge” EP. Enjoy.

Slow Motion Soundz