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Room mates and Neighbors

Off Campus 1967-1968 

In 1967 Arthur decided to leave school to pursue his California dream. He wanted to be a hippie; his imaginative mind having been saturated not only by his renegade, runaway friend Randy, but also by the likes of Jack Kerouac, as he obsessively decided to pursue his dream of becoming a Dharma Bum. 1,810 more words


The Ocean: We Better Love It

The trivia question for this week: What is the only Beatles song that Ringo Starr is credited for having written alone?

Anyone who knows me or has read some of my blogs knows I love the ocean. 637 more words

Who Said That

Video Shows Malia Obama Smoking a Funny Cigarette at Lollapalooza

Last week we saw video of Malia Obama twerking and showing her tush at Lollapalooza.

Now a video of her smoking what may or may not be marijuana has surfaced. 68 more words


This Gym Lets You Smoke Weed While You Work Out

Although the media has traditionally portrayed marijuana users as lazy and inactive, Ricky Williams, a former professional football player, wants to showcase the drug’s athletic benefits by opening up the world’s first gym where athletes are allowed to smoke while working out. 540 more words

Daily News

Summer jobs.

I’d like to tell you about one summer job I had during university. It had its flaws, and may have helped to veer my life towards a darker path, but it was still pretty awesome. 791 more words

About smoking crack.

So, as I’ve mentioned before, I had a drug problem. I have been sober for about 10 years now, but sometimes I still think of it and think of the ways it has shaped my life. 360 more words