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Live from a beach high as fuck! 

Well atleast i smoked a humungous joint without being angry! Haha well ok i yelled at some small children and then later there bitch ass stay at home dad for not being able to run his house earlier today! 22 more words

How James Franco Turned Into America's Favorite (Ambitious) Stoner

There’s nothing traditional aboutJames Franco. When he isnt smoking weed with his bro, Seth Rogen, he is busy being an ultra successful actor, director, producer, writer and teacher of the film industry. 18 more words


Smoking weed and impotence: Does smoking causes ED?

Weed is easily the most popular controlled substance worldwide. However, weed smokers frequently say mixed facets of how getting a spiff effects sex. Whenever you smoke some pot, the active chemical tetrahydrocannabinol travels using your body. 24 more words

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"Does my friend need professional help?"

One of my best friends is super depressed and I don’t know how to help. He is pretty good at masking it around people, but I can tell. 196 more words

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Cannabis use in pregnancy - Is it as bad as we are lead to believe?

Oh what a taboo topic! I am so excited to blow your mind yet again, if you are open-minded enough to read on, that is… … 580 more words


20 reasons why I miss stoner life

20 Things I miss about stoner life

Ganja times! keep your eyes open this is a topic I will be writing a lot of posts about because weed was a massive part of my life for a long time and I want to reminisce and share my memories. 739 more words


When Weed Is Legal, Can I Smoke A Joint Anywhere?

I am a long-time closeted cannabis user and I am looking forward to the legalization of pot next summer. But until then, my question has to do with my rights as a home owner and a pot smoker versus the rights of my neighbour to not smell said marijuana. 271 more words

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