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Marijuana for Anxiety

Magic, magic, magic – that’s one way that you could describe marijuana. This glorious green weed helps you get high to relax and ease your senses in no time. 514 more words


5 Mental Conditions Treatable with Weed

Most intellectuals know that marijuana is considered as one of the safest substances man has ever used. It became illegal on racial bias and greed for money. 603 more words


Order Spanking best quality glass pipes and weed grinder online in India

Making your own perfect research t o opt for the best source for perfect quality glass pipes is very important. It requires your own good selection which you need to make if you really wish to find yourself on a much better side. 175 more words

#8 Your Write to: Stay Clean

Hemmingway was a boozehound and he’s a legendary writer! Why can’t I do it too?! In a very PSA style video, here are my thoughts on the romanticization of self destruction for the sake of creativity.


Get hold of the best source for perfect glass pipes & weed grinder - Mokshabongs

Do you know that you can find the right quality glass pipes provided you get hold of the ultimate as well as genuine online store? Well you need to gather all the right information as to how you can find the ultimate one that can help in fulfilling your expectations. 170 more words

Hits From The Bong With Spaceman Jones

(hits bong)

Yo! Can we please watch another episode of Midnight Diner-TOKYO Stories? 

It’s on Netflix. It’s like Chicken Soup For The Soul meets Iron Chef.  31 more words