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I was 20 and had finally broke up with a very abusive boyfriend. We’re talking him beating me with his skateboard, punching me in the face giving me a black eye, calling me fat every chance he got, friends started to distance themselves away from me while he was with me – that whole thing.  1,105 more words


Hits From The Bong With Spaceman Jones

Criusing in my space ship.

I don’ t don’t really have to say shit.

I do whatever feels fit.

In my space ship.

It’s not that I don’t care. 78 more words


Pass The Blunt To Old Skool Joe

Another day another dollar.

What does that even mean?

I can’t call it.

Pass the blunt.

Yeah I gotta go to the fish joint in a minute, Doris is having a birthday party for her grandson. 119 more words


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Smoking Cloud With Spaceman Jones

Yo I just came back from the outer nebulas with some primo cloud.

Your name did come up.

You owe a lot of people.

I told them my usual. 120 more words


Happy Talk With Old Skool Joe

Don’t worry be happy.

Seems pretty simple right.

I guess for some people it’s not.

Which is crazy to me.

I get jumped by the Red Hat Gang everyday on my way to work. 93 more words