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A Day in Shelter Cove, CA -- Part 4

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Carol was in her early forties, had long, dark hair, was tallish – maybe five-foot eight – and wore a sleeveless blouse and makeup more suited to a late-to-early twenty-year-old. 954 more words


I Can't Stress It Enough! A Rap By Old Skool Joe

Hey  slow down

don’t stress out

don’t start bugging bee

don’t go that route.

Just grab a little bag filled with that green

then light it on fire… 122 more words


A Message From Grandpa The Don

So we are chilling out on the patio at the office grilling up some nice sausage and peppers, smoking weed, and drinking wine. It is a perfect day for getting some rest and relaxation. 72 more words


Breakfast With Hollywood Badass

“Now this is what I call a true wake and bake. What a better way to start the day than with a fresh bowl!”

-Hollywood Badass… 18 more words


Sorry ladies, but smoking weed might be drying out your vagina

We can’t lie, we never imagined we’d be typing these words, but apparently smoking weed might result in a dry vagina.

A dry mouth (or ‘cotton mouth’ as the kids call it) is a common and well known side effect of smoking marijuana. 295 more words


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Getting Paid To Smoke Weed! Here's The Plan

The Pink Panther gathered the entire staff at 46forum Fake Magazine into the conference room for a meeting and said

“I just wanted to say thank you for all of your hard work. 406 more words


Fight Night So Who Ya Got? The 46forum Staff Weighs In

“I think it will be a great fight  a real chess match with Floyd getting the decision.”

-Mr. Showtime

“Floyd be runnin and Manny will be gunnin.” 111 more words