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46 Movies To Watch When You're Baked

#5 Revenge Of The Nerds:

One of the best movies to watch when you are stoned is the 1984 classic Revenge Of The Nerds. 

You see kids stoners of today would be considered nerds in the 1980’s. 125 more words


Smoking Weed And Watching TV

One of the best things about this time of year is that all of my favorite shows are back with new seasons. It can get hard smoking weed and watching TV when you are watching re-runs all of the time. 188 more words


The Stoners Guide To The Galaxy Vol. 249

#249 Going To The Movies:

If you are going to the movies then make sure to smoke weed at least fifteen minutes before the movie starts. 145 more words


Apparently, Smoking Weed Gives You Diabetes

A new study as has shown that heavy cannabis smokers are ‘more likely to develop early stage of diabetes’. Every week I read an article that either claims “Weed is tight!” or “Weed is not tight!”. 148 more words


Bonnaroo 2015

To talk about Bonnaroo is to talk about a holy entity. It’s actually quite difficult to put into words the immensely powerful energy (and stench) that radiates from this festival.  728 more words


Funny Thing Is We Don't Even Have Cable.

When your job is smoking weed and watching TV there sure is a lot of down time.

I’m not complaining…but it gives me a lot of time to think. 93 more words