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Q&A with Jesse Willesee | Marijuana Is Not A Crime

Photo by Laim Cameron.

Smokin’ a spliff… It’s a pastime many people have been known to dabble in from time-to-time. A victimless “crime” some might say and lately the debate over the use of medicinal marijuana has taking the limelight. 324 more words


Finally A Song About Shoes

Old Skool Joe burst into the office and said

“Guys you know what I always say?”

The Pink Panther shot back

“Um…don’t worry it’s not weed, it’s just water, so it’s cool to smoke my pen here?” 302 more words


46forum Presents The Week Of Vulgarity

Hey guys Old Skool Joe here,

Lately the staff has been making it a point to offend as many people as possible. It has been declared by our editor The Pink Panther that this be known as the week of vulgarity. 401 more words


‘Rich,’ ‘White’ Oscar Pistorius sentenced to 5 years maximum in prison

Five years for #Pistorius. Clearly, if you're rich, famous and white, South Africa is the place to kill somebody.

— Marc McArdle (@marcmcardle1) October 21, 2014…

37 more words

We Need To Call The Wolfcop

So we are chilling out in the office thinking of what to write next…wait who am I kidding, we were getting stoned out of our minds. 197 more words


10 Fantastic Reasons To Get High Before Easter Mass

1. Do you want to be sober around your family? I didn’t think so.

2. You’re going to be around awful ugly screaming children. 384 more words

A Meeting(Smoke Session) At The 46

“Hey guys I think I might be turning in my wings” said Spaceman Jones as he exhaled a giant cloud of smoke.  “No seriously  guys I don’t think I have the chops to go out there into space anymore. 318 more words