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10 Fantastic Reasons To Get High Before Easter Mass

1. Do you want to be sober around your family? I didn’t think so.

2. You’re going to be around awful ugly screaming children. 384 more words

A Meeting(Smoke Session) At The 46

“Hey guys I think I might be turning in my wings” said Spaceman Jones as he exhaled a giant cloud of smoke.  “No seriously  guys I don’t think I have the chops to go out there into space anymore. 318 more words


There are still feminism, capitalism, sexism,and racism out here and most of these phony leaders scared to mention it! You are out here screaming leave race out of it like a coon! You're acting like those former slave masters blood didn't leak to this generation! You think that the children of the former slaves masters are different! And that's the problem! you're getting trick! Just look at what happened with that ritual chant at #sae!! If that video wouldn't have been leaked some of you would still be landing in this non racial world! You're out here snorting coke, smoking weed, cigarettes with these white cracka supremacists like a fool! They're are like little Snakes that haven't developed venom yet! Let the police come, majority of them ☞ they're telling on you! Let you need a job in their family business and I guarantee you the excuses will start coming! there preachers I heard say that this country is going to hell because there's now a black president! Stop depending on this white people to help us fight and give us freedom! We must do everything for ourselves! We need each other not them! So before you whites and negropeans come to me about being racist ,how about you go to your white families first and clean them up before you come bombarding my posts talking about I'm racist!! #enlightenblacks #enlightenourkings #enlightenourqueens #REALblackstories #butOURhistory #seriousauthor #MentalEmpowerment #BlackUnity #BlackRoyalty #twerk #ProBlack #Blackhistory #afrocentric #africanpride #Blackwomen #afrikann #blackexcellence #melanin #afrika #afrikan #afrikanns #themotherland #africanqueen #africansonfire #africanbeauty #groupeconomics #blacklivesmatter #blackqueen

by lilemo_blacklove


I'm A Mother Of Two, Go To Church Every Sunday, But I Want To Smoke Weed

I’ve wanted to smoke pot for the longest time, but the universe (in the shape of my over-protective husband) has kept me from it. Not to mention the act was forever on my conservative, iron-clad list of don’t even think about its ever since Nancy Reagan taught me as a child to “Just Say No.” 1,217 more words

Twan Stoffels: Why Your Dreams Are Suddenly So Intense After You Stop Smoking Weed

VICE News: Maybe you, like me, decided at some point in your life that you’d had enough of soft drugs for a while. Whether this was the beginning of a smoke-free existence or just a hopeless case of hubris is irrelevant here; the point is that you stopped smoking weed for a bit. 94 more words


I Have Sex In My Clown Costume


Did you seriously lead with that?

Well let me ask you this …are you at least a clown by trade?

Are you a circus clown,  mime, or one of those weird European clowns? 75 more words


What Happends In Mexico Stays In Mexico 💯 😵

I always wanted cool parents when I was growing up 😉. Parents that would understand if you smoked weed or even smoked with you 🚬. Some of the stories you find out about your parents sometimes shock you because they did the same mistake you did only the difference is you got caught and they didn’t but they still ground you for it. 819 more words

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