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#8 Your Write to: Stay Clean

Hemmingway was a boozehound and he’s a legendary writer! Why can’t I do it too?! In a very PSA style video, here are my thoughts on the romanticization of self destruction for the sake of creativity.


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Hits From The Bong With Spaceman Jones

(hits bong)

Yo! Can we please watch another episode of Midnight Diner-TOKYO Stories? 

It’s on Netflix. It’s like Chicken Soup For The Soul meets Iron Chef.  31 more words


I'm ba-ack!

I’m back, guys.  So since my last post, a shitload of stuff has happened.  First off, that guy, the instant-magnetism guy, we live together, call each other baby and sweetness, and say things like “I love you.”  Yeah that progressed rapidly, lol.   370 more words

Just Life

Smoking Weed Challenge

Just found a funny clip on Youtube, I gonna laugh whole day with these guys. There are some reasons why people feel so proud of themselves when smoking weed, when you can get in and get out of it easily while other are scaring of it like crazy, you see a small victory here. 654 more words


Kids’ll Be Kids

So Malia Obama got caught smoking weed. Does it really matter?

Cast the First Stone

Look, everyone is entitled to their own opinion on casual drug use, and I’m not going to get into my own convictions here. 272 more words