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When Weed Is Legal, Can I Smoke A Joint Anywhere?

I am a long-time closeted cannabis user and I am looking forward to the legalization of pot next summer. But until then, my question has to do with my rights as a home owner and a pot smoker versus the rights of my neighbour to not smell said marijuana. 271 more words

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Getting Baked: Does Holding in a Hit Make You Higher?

We’ve all been tempted to hold in a marijuana hit for as long as possible, in an effort to get Cheech and Chong-level high on a Saturday night. 216 more words

Smoking Weed and Drinking Alcohol

Let’s start with what you probably already know: Alcohol is a depressant, but in low doses it causes emotional release and lowers inhibitions. Marijuana is also known for its relaxing qualities, but can produce very different results depending on how much and what strain of it you smoke. 340 more words

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Smoking Marijuana and Playing Sports. Does it help?

Often the question comes up. Can Marijuana enhance your level of play on the court, field, ice etc. The answer is really up to you. How is your mind going to handle Cannabis in the brain and soul when you’re playing at fast pace and trying to think about your next play. 476 more words

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Marijuana for Anxiety

Magic, magic, magic – that’s one way that you could describe marijuana. This glorious green weed helps you get high to relax and ease your senses in no time. 514 more words


5 Mental Conditions Treatable with Weed

Most intellectuals know that marijuana is considered as one of the safest substances man has ever used. It became illegal on racial bias and greed for money. 603 more words