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4 effects to tell you that your system doesn't accept weed

There are different kinds of body systems, you could survive taking something and you could die stopping something.
Having friends who have been smoking weed for years, I have observed most situations, moments being together have made it possible for me to know how different body systems behave when it doesn’t adapt to weed. 383 more words

Stoner Facts

Story Time: The First time I got High

Around the age of 15-16 I was trying to find myself and I guess be cool so I start “smoking” weed. I put smoking in quotations because it really wasn’t smoking. 191 more words

Inner Child

Yes, I am watching Goosebumps.

And, no, I don’t have a give a fuck.

This was my lesser pick in regards to spooky tv shows for kids. 122 more words

Daily Musing


Stoned heart
heart of stone
breaking every fragile bone

Heating up
melted cheese
drowning that which will not leave

Thick grey smoke
baked heartache
nothing made of stone can break


Live from a beach high as fuck! 

Well atleast i smoked a humungous joint without being angry! Haha well ok i yelled at some small children and then later there bitch ass stay at home dad for not being able to run his house earlier today! 22 more words

How James Franco Turned Into America's Favorite (Ambitious) Stoner

There’s nothing traditional aboutJames Franco. When he isnt smoking weed with his bro, Seth Rogen, he is busy being an ultra successful actor, director, producer, writer and teacher of the film industry. 18 more words


Smoking weed and impotence: Does smoking causes ED?

Weed is easily the most popular controlled substance worldwide. However, weed smokers frequently say mixed facets of how getting a spiff effects sex. Whenever you smoke some pot, the active chemical tetrahydrocannabinol travels using your body. 24 more words

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