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Bad Influence

“No, you don’t blow, sweetheart. It’s not a cigarette.” He reached over, plucked the blunt from between her index and middle fingers, pinched the end and brought it to his lips. 175 more words

Short Fiction

46 Movies To Watch When You're Baked

#16 Kung Fu Hustle

This is one of those movies that is good whether you are stoned or sober. But like everything else in life it is a lot better if you are stoned. 138 more words


Let's Smoke a Joint

A day like today, three years ago, I smoked a joint. It was a mid evening and hall 9 was crammed with horny refrains- Sexual healing was live on third floor. 1,929 more words


Hits From The Bong With Spaceman Jones

(Hits Bong)

Today I saw an old blind woman walk across the intersection in front of me at a stop sign. She crossed the street, missed the sidewalk, and was walking into oncoming traffic. 53 more words


Stirring the Pot: Alcohol versus Cannabis

The advent of Colorado and Washington legalizing recreational marijuana in 2012 has many more states looking to do the same, and 23 total have some form of legalization at all. 763 more words

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