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Token Tuesday - Girl Scout Cookies Strain

Strain Name: Girl Scout Cookies

Hands down GSC is one of the strongest indicas I have smoked, the flavor is exquisite giving a hint of mint, and the smoke is smooth with a nice tickle behind the throat, I smoked this at night while watching a movie, and drifted off to sleep towards the end of the movie. 38 more words

Token Tuesday

Stoners Guide To The Galaxy Vol. 666

#666 Surviving the zombie apocalypse

We don’t have to worry about running out of weed during the zombie apocalypse anymore!

(hits bong)

There is a lab that is working on a cure, and the best part is they turn zombies into plants, mix it with some weed, enzymes, and some other shit. 69 more words


Getting High With Old Skool Joe...Again

Yesterday a certain stuffed animal who will remain nameless wrote some pretty libelous shit about me on the internet. So I have taken a leave of absence from the fish market to attend this emergency meeting. 124 more words


Happy Birthday Maizy!

It was Maizy’s 5th birthday yesterday! We celebrated early in the morning with treats and her first present.

I had to go to work for a little bit, until that shit got called of. 575 more words

This Dude is Charging $100 Lessons For WHAT?!

We wish we were as smart as this dude.

Some guy from Washington D.C. is making bank for being a really good business man. Marijuana was recently made legal in our grand nation’s capital – praise ‘Murica! 184 more words


Heads Up Stoners: The Weed Breathalyzer Is Here

The days of smoking and than running to the drive-thru for some munchies could be coming to an end.

The biggest issue has always been that it takes longer to determine someone’s THC accuracy than it would to determine someone’s BAC. 25 more words


Bad Influence

“No, you don’t blow, sweetheart. It’s not a cigarette.” He reached over, plucked the blunt from between her index and middle fingers, pinched the end and brought it to his lips. 175 more words