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Why does everyone smoke in Paris?

Now you may be wondering why I didn’t title this “why does everyone in Paris smoke?” That’s a legitimate question too. From the bistros, hallways, bathrooms, trains – everywhere reeks of the cigarettes dangling from mouths, twisted into fingers as they’re jabbed dangerously in the air throughout the conversations around you. 949 more words


When--In Which I Am So Sorry for Failing You (and Myself, Too)

Dear Lily June,

Someday, you’re going to learn in school about just how bad smoking is for you. Why would anyone do such a thing… 1,578 more words

Study: Lack Of Exercise Will Kill As Many As Smoking

LONDON (CBS Atlanta) – Inactivity “will end up killing as many people as smoking,” warns a new study.

Great Britain’s Department for Culture Media and Sport issued the warning after noting obesity is on the rise there. 185 more words


Hangout With Laughter

Over the years, I’ve learned how healing it was for me and the kids to sit around and play games together: we’d laugh at each other; poke fun; find out more about each other; etc., so I always want to share this healing experience with others: young and old, and last night, I was able to do just that. 430 more words


Random Thoughts - Smoker's Armageddon

While sat in the bath one afternoon during the weekend, I got this thought in my head about people saying smoker’s are slow suicide cases. 260 more words