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I think about smoking cigarettes a lot

and I do it when I have the chance because

I think it makes me look cool

even though at the same time I feel kind of dirty… 57 more words


Weekend Too

February 17, 2018 – Day Thirteen


Fairly uneventful, as usual. I finished working at a reasonable hour because we were celebrating our rescheduled Valentine’s with some carryout. 2,133 more words


Up in smoke: vaping feature

It’s strange to think that it has only been a few years since the now common-place electronic cigarette (e-cigarette) first appeared.

With evidence suggesting the e-cigarette is a less harmful alternative, it quickly took off and is now so popular more than 3m people use them regularly and they come in more than 200 flavours. 33 more words


The Sweeter Ting.

I’m home.
Crush. Fill. Light.
Inhale, exhale.

That’s hit one. After seven months, that’s hit one.
Inhale, exhale. 

That’s hit two. Oh now I remember. 472 more words

New Year Habit Changes

New Year’s resolutions are essentially commitments to change a habit that we realise consciously is not serving us well. It’s true that the evidence on such habit change isn’t good. 918 more words


Smoke away through Life

“Happy Rakshabandhan Bhaiya”, she wished him.

“Thank you so much”, he replied and handed her a gift. She didn’t accept it.

“Today I want to give you a gift instead”, she said and handed him a pack of cigarettes with a lighter. 159 more words