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I’m applying for a lot of scholarships these days, but here’s one that hits close to home. #MyBigRegret is a #DoSomething campaign targeting @FDATobacco’s failure to ban menthol cigarettes in 2011. 72 more words

Justis Rules

Day 5: Bizarre Nocturnal Issues

Very strange night indeed….I was awoken by my partner three times shaking me to wake up due to myself removing one leg from the bed and stamping on the floor whilst shouting. 206 more words

Are Smokefree Florida Parks and Beaches Coming?

Few Florida residents know that the state is one of only eight in the nation with an outdated law from 1985 called preemption that only allows the state to decide on matters of smoking leaving cities and counties powerless.  232 more words


3 mistakes new weed smokers should avoid

There are a lot of mistakes new weed smokers make when getting to know the beautiful chronic.

I can say that I made a lot of “rookie” mistakes when I first started weed and I look back now and think I was such an idiot. 410 more words

Day 4: Storm in a teacup

After a nourishing sleep I head for the truffle capsules. I start with one capsule at 730am. I’m still trying to find the right balance as too little there’s little effect and too much may result in visual disturbances. 244 more words

Why I want to stop smoking

Stinks, I stink, my clothes stink, breath stinks, hair stinks
Feels horrible, my whole body feels horrible. I can feel my body being poisoned
Against my goal to be healthy… 95 more words

Fall in smuggling and sale of electronic smoking devices

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

SINGAPORE: The number of cases involving electronic smoking devices being sold or smuggled into Singapore has fallen sharply this year, according to statistics from the Health Sciences Authority (HSA). 238 more words

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