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Some are obviously earth-shattering, spilling down in a rumbling avalanche.

Some are less noticeable, barely a crack in the asphalt on a hot day.

Huge or miniscule, it was a thing the heart couldn’t take.

Deep Thoughts

Blowing Smoke: Making Sense of a Dying Habit

What do reality TV contestants and this piece have in common? Neither are here to make friends. But seriously, do you have to smoke in here? 1,883 more words

Real Talk

Batman DC Comics Harley Quinn Smoking Gun Juniors VNeck

Whilst a lot of adjustments have already been brought towards the Dark Knight batman comics are still comics which are read by several people. The a variety of… 257 more words

Plan to ban smoking in all New York hotel rooms

(CNN) — Hotels and motels in New York may no longer offer smoking rooms if a bill proposed by state lawmaker Ken Zebrowski passes.

The measure, which was introduced last week, was brought about by Zebrowski’s personal experience. 265 more words


My Crave.

We all crave something during our lives no matter what. This crazy desire to want something just takes control of our mind, body and soul. While some individuals might disagree; the real fact is that craving something is just part of being a human being. 342 more words

N.Y. Bill Seeks To Outlaw Smoking In Hotel Rooms

Although it’s illegal to smoke in most indoor spaces in New York — office buildings, bars, restaurants, retail establishments, etc. — those looking to light up a cigarette can still do so in hotel and motel rooms that are specified as smoking rooms. 372 more words