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It's been 4 weeks!

4 weeks ago I quit smoking. No plan, just did it. Now, I have gone through a girls weekend, my birthday, a concert and many weekend beers with my husband and still no urge to have a cigarette! 6 more words


Stereotypes- What fun!

So this is a fun topic, mildly demeaning at some points, but none the less funny. I was at a party the other day for a christening and the topic of my exchange came up. 311 more words

Inbound Immersion

What if?

WARNING. This is not a pretty post. It is only for adults who have a strong stomach.

What if you enjoyed a potentially dangerous sport such as rock climbing or mountain climbing? 226 more words


Boys in Various Costumes

“When you’re a theater major, like me, you’re always acting.”

He’s drunk, having stumbled into the room around midnight when all the goons were smoking. He said he had a long night, so we offered him a spot in the rotation. 181 more words

Drug Tip #3 - The Roach

When rolling a joint or a blunt, I suggest you do not add a paper filter at the end. One reason is that you will roll according to the amount of weed you’ve added, and not to the size of the filter. 235 more words

Quitting Smoking

I have been a smoker for a decade, I started in November of 2006 the week of my high school graduation. My then partner who I started seeing the same week was a smoker and I was curious. 199 more words


Thought on a Friday

There’s something about driving alone at night in a rain storm, smoking a cigarette and blasting jazz that somehow corresponds well with the lightning, that makes me feel completely at home anywhere in the world.

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