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The Mess

Aaliyah shook her head in disgust.  She hated coming here.  It was always so untidy and reeked of cigarette smoke.  The coffee table was littered with cigarettes and tissues.  109 more words


The First Time. . . It Hurt (Part 1)

Hello people!

Now I know I’ve been missing for a long time. My post probably popped up on your page and you were like, “ 879 more words


On the balcony, Lucy could smell the roast turkey wafting from the kitchen. She reached into her coat pockets for a cigarette and lighter. Each time the wind blew out the flame, she cursed more loudly. 98 more words



The fake marijuana, not the second-tallest mountain in the world. This is legal, mostly because it’s not marijuana at all, but potpourri with chemicals sprayed on it that may or may not (probably not) get you high. 79 more words


Let’s Clear the Air: How Your Home Can Make You Sick & What You Can Do About It by Guest Blogger DIYMama Erin Reynolds

We all want a clean living space, but did you realize that even when your home is clean, indoor air pollutants can still be hanging around? 664 more words