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First Weekend Sober In A While

I made it through my first weekend without a drink, and today is also my 7th day sober!

My daughter and her boyfriend came over last night. 112 more words


In sexual intercourse, most women consider smoking men to be unattractive

Men, stop thinking that smoking gives you credit for your image. Most women consider smoking men to be unattractive, even if they smoke e-cigarettes, while men don’t mind if they smoke, according to a new US survey.  176 more words


Wouldn't ya like to know Wood? Wood ya?

Ok, so I took the entire winter off from BBQ  (I know, can you believe it!) and I am finally out of my Vitamin D deficient seasonal depression.   344 more words


I’m done this time, seriously!... fuck this, I’m not a quitter: Quitting smoking

This is probably the hundredth time I’ve tried to quit smoking cigarettes. I am taking a different approach this time, however, as I am using Nicotine patches. 1,241 more words

Substance Abuse

Adverse Effects of Smoking

A worldwide killer – the cause of nearly 6 million deaths per year, smoking is a global threat to mankind. Millions of people, everyday, often hourly, casually lift their cigarettes, their sticks of death, to their lips and inhale cancer causing smoke straight into their lungs. 376 more words


Let It Go (Out)

Some pipe smokers strain to avoid relights and berate themselves when they fail.

I have come to welcome relights. Relax. Go slow. Sip. Put it down. 40 more words