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My partner was a non-smoker for a long time before he had to go into treatment. No vapes allowed. Now he smokes, can’t seem to quit. 11 more words

Could a falling sperm count in richer countries lead to human extinction?

A recent review looking at male fertility found a near 60% decrease in the sperm count of men from Europe, North America, Australia, and New Zealand. 921 more words


Cigarettes Friendly for Lungs?

Smoking іѕ сеrtаіnlу nοt healthy fοr thе body organs еѕресіаllу lungs. People whο smoke cigarettes οn a regular basis find thеіr lungs choking аftеr fеw months. 527 more words

When And How Am I Going To Quit Smoking

Now that I have taken time to address the vileness of the previous weekend I can get back on track with quitting smoking. I know the two don’t quite compare, but both are difficult things to deal with. 545 more words


NACCHO Aboriginal Health and #Smoking : @TheMJA #npc Mass-reach #anti-smoking campaigns must return

Disadvantaged groups are and should be a key focus of action to reduce smoking further. This has long been recognised, including in the report of the… 863 more words

Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service

Mama's boy

People ask me why I do not smoke or drink when I easily can do both of them.

What’s wrong with occasionally drinking?I am young I should live a little. 154 more words

$1 price hike could cause 1 million smokers to quit

Using over ten years of neighbourhood price data, researchers at Drexel University have found that smokers are twenty percent more likely to quit if the price of cigarettes is increased by a dollar. 325 more words