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Imagine this!

You have an exam in fifteen minutes and you are standing before the examination hall. There are hundreds of others, frisking through pages, their eyes looking for confidence through that shaky turn of pages. 303 more words

Short Story - Fiction

Freefall Kiss From 1100ft - The Princess Tower, Dubai

What a way to commemorate one of the most incredible basejumping events to ever happen. ¬†Don’t know who the guy is but the lady is… 14 more words

The Galaxy Bowl

A part of me doesn’t want to sell this bowl. My ceramics teacher always says “never sell your favourite things”.

But I have too many favourite things. 88 more words


Another Reverse Mushroom Bowl

I like making these. Expect to see more. This one was a shape experiment. A little less “Mushroomy” than the one I settled on for mass production (my version of mass production). 35 more words


Blue Speckle Bowl

This one is a beautiful rich translucent blue, with these amazing glass crystals in the glaze. When fired, the glass bits melt into these crazy blotches of black and melty white. 11 more words


Green Polka Dot Bowl

Irregular green polka dots in an otherwise cream bowl.

Size: 220mm x 100mm

Price: R250


The Reverse Mushroom Bowl

These are fun, because the white dots are raised. This bowl is a very satisfying thing to touch.

Size: 160mm x 85mm

Price: R230