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I want s'mores!

As you may or may not know, today is National S’mores Day!  I know, there is now a day for any and all kinds of food, but who doesn’t love a s’more, especially in the summer time.   194 more words

Please pass the s'mores

Last year on National S’mores Day, I mentioned one thing about me which is a bit embarrassing in a culture of outdoor Americans — I have never gone camping. 625 more words


S'more Math

It’s very difficult to find hiking boots that fit a tiny otter foot (paw…flipper…whatever..). Since my foot is so small others have suggested that I look in the children’s shoe section for a better size. 547 more words

Second Life

A true and fictum history of S'more

How history wasn’t really made.

Back in the very early 1900’s (some believe it was either 1897 or 1901 but no one is really sure), a small group of misdirected entrepreneurs were down and out on their luck. 394 more words


Decadent Baked S’mores

Don’t you just want to reach through the picture and grab one of these? Yes, they are that good. But I digress. Last week’s American holiday barbecues had me dreaming of S’mores. 216 more words


Mary's Chocolate Roulade - cracking good

Roulade, swiss roll, jelly roll, and cake roll.  Before this challenge, I was under the impression these terms were interchangeable.  Boy, was I wrong?  It turns out, as with everything I have made on here, there is a lot to learn. 866 more words