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Why Cloud Authentication is the Best System for the Changing Organization

Before cloud computing became common place and a popular way for business organizations to access applications and resources, the network infrastructure worked differently. Network administration was centralized and controlled by an administrator. 320 more words

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Security and Control with Hosted Two Factor Authentication Services

Hosted two factor authentication services are meant for improving the levels of security in accessing information from different systems. This service is the best way of curbing the problem of identity thievery which has seen many companies loses very sensitive information. 320 more words

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Secure Your Online Data with Cloud Authentication

Transferring data on cloud services will dramatically decrease your overhead expenses so why aren’t more companies migrating to this platform? One of the major considerations of cloud is the security aspect. 275 more words

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How the Two Factor Authentication Mobile Tehchnology has Evolved into a More secure System

In the past year or so, the adoption of two factor authentication mobile technology has been rapid. Many organizations in the healthcare, banking sector and even social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter have adopted this technology. 270 more words

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SMS Two-Factor Authentication Helps Protect Your Cloud Data

As mobile devices grow in popularity, the true potential of cloud has been revealed. This enables users to have a lot of flexibility in terms running their business at a marginal cost as they no longer need hardware and bulky desktop servers. 320 more words

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Critical Issues with Two factor Mobile Authentication that Will Determine Your Choice of Provider

A secure 2 factor authentication service has security as its main objective. However, security is not always the only objective. Some providers specialize in making companies in the health and other critical sectors comply with regulations. 272 more words

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Fully Managed Authentication Services - Secure Your Sensitive Information

Despite the fact that many business are posed with a security challenge trying to ensure that their site’s information is well protected while still allowing their users to have an easy access to the variety of information in the site, having fully managed authentication services installed in your site will allow you to have a perfect solution to your challenge. 257 more words

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