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Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas

Love is a gift from the paradise. It has its very own enchantment that touches you with its silver wand and guarantees to tickle every one of your faculties agreeably. 399 more words

There are numerous masks ready for use. However this doesn’t mean that we’re supposed to wear them. No doubt that we often walk and do things without even realizing that we become increasingly arrogant. 151 more words
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Reason Behind The Colors Of Roses In Our Life And Its Significance

Essentialness of the distinctive colors of Rose

The rose differently remains for sentimental adoration, energy, thankfulness and affirmation, bliss, graciousness, and thusly individuals like to send their wishes loaded down with the extraordinary importance of rose. 276 more words



Antwerp was World Book City in 2004. This event made us wonder how we could involve Antwerp citizens in writing literature by using a very popular new media tool such as mobile phones. 378 more words

Mobile #101 - Essential Guide to Mobile Marketing (Series post)

Post 1 of a series of 12 – Introduction to Mobile Marketing

This blog and everything I talk about here should provide company owners and senior managers with simple steps that they can take before investing in a mobile channel strategy, either independent or as part of a multi channel plan. 282 more words

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Video of Lancet Breastfeeding Series

Hey have you seen the launch Video of the Lancet Breastfeeding series already ? Click on the link and WATCH.  It is very inspiring.  Oh, you were sitting between Vicky Quinn and Bob Black in the audience ? 205 more words

Advertise Business Using Bulk SMS Service

The bulk SMS service is one of the best choice of most of the leading companies. Because of the reason that SMS is user friendly, spam free and fast communication system, therefore the SMS service is adopted by most of the business companies. 286 more words

Bulk SMS Service Provider In India