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On Smugglers, Disappointment and Finding Inspiration in Unusual Places

You might have noticed already that I went on a couple of trips this week and the reason for this is that I had family over from Finland and Germany. 586 more words


Danny Brown - Ain't It Funny

Director: Jonah Hill
Director of Photography: Chris Blauvelt
Production: SMUGGLER
Starring: Gus Van Sant

Music Video

Run The Jewels - Legend Has It

Director: Brian Beletic
Director of Photography: Ryley Brown
Production: SMUGGLER
VFX: Autonomous

Music Video


So many light-years from verdant Kashyyk
I’ve roved between the stars by hidden routes
To earn a living. One day I’ll go back
Again to take up more peaceful pursuits. 80 more words


Han Solo - Carbonite Awakening

So cold! The hibernation of my mind
Slows to the heartbeat of a circling star
And slower – leaving consciousness behind
Frozen in carbonite. So, here we are. 141 more words


Han Solo - Prelude

From Coruscant out to the Outer Rim
I know each star-jump, quasar, moon and cloud,
What checkpoints to avoid and when to trim
Our hyper-jumps to blend in with a crowd. 110 more words