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XMAS snacking

Thinking of some healthier candies/ snacks/ sweets to prep before Chirstmas time, to enjoy home or to give as little presents to friends + family…As I’m usually pretty late with any xmas shopping, I prefer making something by myself rather than rushing to the department stores, together with all the other (way too many) late shoppers. 445 more words


Lychee & Watermelon

Such a nice, refreshing bowl of fruit to cool down on a summer day. Pre-prep it and just leave it in the fridge till you’re ready. 54 more words


Coconut Muffins with Chocolate Chips

No butter, just coconut oil!

You need:

2 cups flour

1 tbsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt
3 tbsp brown sugar

1 cup almond milk… 82 more words


Mediterranean Quinoa Salad 

SO, I just found out that quinoa is Paleo!! How enlightening! My sister actually told me and I didn’t believe her until I googled it. I always thought it was a grain and therefore a no-no but apparently, it is classified as a seed and therefore good to go, woohoo! 124 more words


Coconut Chia Goodness

The best protein packed snack I discoverd to curb sugar cravings is chia seeds soaked in coconut & rice drink and you can add whatever other flavorings you want! 184 more words


Fruit smoothie bowl

This is when we are supposed to get healthy right? Right before the holidays begin? Ok great , that was my plan. Here is an easy as pie recipe, so at the holidays you can eat all of the pie that you want! 82 more words


Hawaij-Coffee Snickerdoodles

If you’ve never heard of Hawaij (“huh-why-edge”), that’s ok because I certainly hadn’t either until I stumbled across it on Molly Yeh’s blog where she presented us with some hawaij-coffee donuts. 606 more words