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Jagung Manis #Snack 

Aduuuh gampang banget resep ini

Satu buah jagung manis, potong jadi tiga bagian. Kukus sampai matang.

Udah deh jadi bekal sehat buat anak.

Kalo lagi longgar waktunya, jagung bisa dipipil, dikukus. 28 more words

Puding Roti #Snack


  • Enam lembar roti tawar, sobek-sobek, tata dalam pinggan tahan panas.
  • Susu putih, 400 ml
  • Telur, tiga atau empat butir
  • Butter, satu sdm, cairkan
  • Gula pasir 100gr.
  • 208 more words

Sagubeyam bajji / sabudhana pakoda

Sabudhana is pretty popular with foodies and so are pakodas. How about combining these two favorites into a new delicacy РSabhudana pakoda !!! Yey !! 197 more words


Selby's NoRecipe Chilli

Hey PK, I saw you were asking about ‘no recipe’ recipes and it made me think that mine would definitely be chilli … there are a few reasons for this, it is great sharing food, it’s pretty easy to adapt for vegetarian, vegan and gluten free friends and it can also be eaten with rice, in tacos or nachos … here’s my camping kitchen soft taco version tonight from Emu Park in Queensland, Australia. 63 more words


Popcorn with Nutritional Yeast

From July 28 Newsletter

Homemade popcorn is an excellent (and frequent) snack (or meal) at the Gassman home. Topped with Nutritional Yeast, this ain’t your average bowl of popcorn. 293 more words