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Belvita Breakfast Biscuits

Unless I’m hypo, biscuits are generally a no-no for me. But lets face it, a cuppa is pretty boring without something sweet to go with it. 555 more words


Pani poori

Priya Kapnadak Paani Puri !

For Puris
Fine Rawa /semolina -3/4 th cup
Maida -1/2 cup
Urid dhal powder ( black gram ) -2 tsp ( level ) 329 more words


Summary Day 13 (29.03.15)

Got up at 8 (new time) and walked my dog for 1,5 hours.

10 am – breakfast
joghurt (210 g – 150 cal.), whey (110 cal.), apple (177 g – 92 cal), strawberries (91 g – 29 cal.), papaya (72 g – 28 cal.) = 409 cal. 145 more words


Sklandrausis - Latvian national food

Since I’m Latvian and I really love our national food, I would like to share one recipe with you. To be honest, not everyone is a fan of this food, but I really like it (although it contains gluten :) ). 354 more words


Antonio's Arroz Caldo

Named after Daddy Robert’s son, this chicken rice porridge is a combination of simple ingredients: spring chicken, ginger, garlic, onions, safflower, salt and pepper. My idea was to keep the ingredients basic and all-natural and avoiding the addition of chicken bouillon or fish sauce. 338 more words


African Banana Puri - Banana Dumpling

My Grandmother’s Recipe

If you’re craving something not too sweet and delicious with your coffee or tea (chaa), this is the recipe for you.   817 more words

Ghee As An Ingredient

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I could so do with a Banana Puri right now. Been working really hard on a new project and wishing I had a couple of these to keep me going. A little blast from the past. Although, I would use grapeseed oil for frying now. Enjoy!