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Heavenly Soft Pretzels and Beer-Cheese Dipping Sauce!

 Yum! No need to handle lye or boil water, this  soft pretzel recipe is much easier. The baked baking soda is the secret to making these look and taste like real soft pretzels without the danger and/or complication of using lye. 644 more words


Baked Egg and Pig

Ok I know it’s a crust-less quiche but I don’t like quiche and I like this.  (Quiche is a word that sounds runny and gooey.)  This is one of those meals that is essentially a breakfast dish but is ideal for dinner or as a leftover or pre-prepped lunch. 269 more words


Power Balls

Whether you are into eating healthy or not, I don’t think I’ve met a person who has tried this recipe and hasn’t absolutely loved it. These power balls are a great source of energy and protein, amazing for a pre or post workout snack or an any-time-of-day treat. 170 more words


Aww, Nuts!: The Healthful Benefits

Various types of nuts provide various nutrients. Although, all are healthy and beneficial in their own ways. It is best to mix and match a handful at least 3 or more times each week. 33 more words


Fry Up

One of our favourite meals, BN (Before NutriSyestem) was Corned Beef Hash.

It’s really not diet-friendly, though, so I’ve been working to come up with a replacement. 166 more words


Jagung Manis #Snack 

Aduuuh gampang banget resep ini

Satu buah jagung manis, potong jadi tiga bagian. Kukus sampai matang.

Udah deh jadi bekal sehat buat anak.

Kalo lagi longgar waktunya, jagung bisa dipipil, dikukus. 28 more words

Puding Roti #Snack


  • Enam lembar roti tawar, sobek-sobek, tata dalam pinggan tahan panas.
  • Susu putih, 400 ml
  • Telur, tiga atau empat butir
  • Butter, satu sdm, cairkan
  • Gula pasir 100gr.
  • 208 more words