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Green Tea Kit Kats & Chalet Sauce Lays

I’m on a bit of a weird snack binge lately with Green Tea Kit Kats & Swiss Chalet’s Chalet Sauce Lays. Both are unique and addictive in their own ways. 6 more words



The kitchen is the most amazing place in the home.

It’s were creativity is at its best. Any one in the kitchen has automatically become an artist 🎨. 317 more words


Kracie DIY Donut Kit

Time for another DIY kit post! This time I made Kracie’s Doughtnuts. This one didn’t have any microwaving involved. At least that’s what I gathered from the instructions (I can’t read Japanese but there were no pictures of microwaves). 104 more words


Dutch Dreams Making Wishes Come True

One of my goals of yesterday was to finally visit Dutch Dreams, which I’ve always passed by and looks like a child’s dream castle. There are giant ice cream cones and cows outside as decor. 147 more words


Sriracha Chips

I found these official looking Sriracha chips at Bulk Barn and I was so excited. There’s a lot of generic Sriracha chips out there but this was the only one I have found that has the actual rooster brand on it. 27 more words