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Get some!

This stuff is amazing not only because I love coconut and almond, but also because whenever I have a craving for anything sweet, I eat a tablespoon of this deliciousness and I am satisfied!


Put it in the Oven for baby and me (Baked Potato wedges Recipe)

We all know that deep fried food is not good, for us and our kids, yet we never stop stocking up frozen French fries and Smileys in our freezers. 307 more words


Masaal Vadai

Is there a wonder that can be done with those kadala paruppu / Channa dal? Of course yes and that is Masaal Vadai. Most of my bored evenings has been invigorated with this simple dish and a cup of tea in our balcony. 341 more words

Chimpy Cooks

White Pumpkin or Ash Guard Preserve (“Puhul Dosi”) – traditional method

“Puhul Dosi” or pumpkin preserves are a very tasty and nutritious confection made with Ash Guards or Alu Puhul in Sri Lanka. This candied delicacy is a wonderful teatime delight as well as an essential ingredient in several kinds of fruit cake recipes. 412 more words

Aloo Fry

Potatoes are everyone’s favourite. Whatever dish you make with the potatoes, it will be yummy. Aloo fry or Potato fry is one such recipe. My amma makes this as tea time snack.   147 more words


Beetroot hummus

I love beetroot. Not only is the colour FANTASTIC in everything from juice to risotto, it boasts superb health benefits. The earthy vegetable is rich in nitrates, which can help relax blood vessels boosting blood flow. 222 more words


Kadalepuri snack recipe

My mother is very innovative when it comes to preparation of snacks.. She makes varieties of snacks and salads in her own creative ways and it really tastes awesome… :) One such snack variety she makes is using kadalepuri or Puffed rice.. 122 more words

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