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Kadalepuri snack recipe

My mother is very innovative when it comes to preparation of snacks.. She makes varieties of snacks and salads in her own creative ways and it really tastes awesome… :) One such snack variety she makes is using kadalepuri or Puffed rice.. 122 more words

Snacks Recipes

Biscuit "Calzone" with Salad

Now this might sound kind of weird, so let me explain. Back home in Germany you can buy plain puff pastry like you can buy ready pizza dough in those cans (if you know… 247 more words


Sweet & Nutritious Homemade Almond Butter

Almonds are an excellent dietary addition for everyone. They are a source of calcium, great for vegans or those restricting dairy from their diet, they contain healthy fats to boost your brain and metabolism and they are a provide protein for recovery after exercise, also helping you to stay fuller for longer. 156 more words


Paleo Approved Salad Dressings & Dips

Most store bought salad dressings contain harmful oils and chemicals that can turn a fresh and nutritious meal into something completely opposite. To learn more about the dangers of processed salad dressings click here. 203 more words


Water with Super Powers

Water…boring! Yeah, water is not fun, but whoa man it is so very important! Here are just a few reasons why you should drink water daily: 605 more words


Snack Hack

While we were in Florida this past week, my mom introduced Hubs to these Sargento Balanced Breaks Snack Packs. He loved them! And I loved that he was getting a serving of fruit, protein, and dairy all in one simple energy packed snack! 387 more words


Monsoon, Tea and a plate of hot Onion Pakoda

Yes. Finally, the Monsoon is here.

It was raining this evening. That chillness made my baby girl’s nap get a little longer, just enough for me to make an evening snack. 374 more words