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Quick Pickling 101

If I had to guess where my love of pickles came from I would have to say The Pharmacy on Nantucket. They have a counter that does sandwiches, hot dogs, soup and ice-cream and pretty much everything comes with a few pickles on the side. 327 more words


Buffalo Chicken Dip

My brother, Nathaniel, started making buffalo chicken dip a few years ago when we would have dinner parties. Like, nice dinner parties. At first it seemed a bit weird and definitely looked a bit out of place next to the oysters and cheese boards, but the dish was always licked clean by the end of the night. 327 more words


Curried Sweet Potato & Coconut Soup

This is similar to my last recipe, Hayden’s Super Salad, in a few ways. For starters, I didn’t come up with the recipe, and it’s also made up of random bits we had laying around the kitchen. 230 more words


Cranberry Gelatin Salad

It’s hard to believe that we are just 1 week away from another Christmas! It seems to me that 2017 has flown by faster than any other year! 293 more words

Snacks & Sides

Raw Oats & Almond Butter Squares with Coconut flavour

Prepared in less than 10 minutes, these delicious squares are great for snack, dessert or even breakfast. Easy to prepare, delicious, flavourful, nourishing and sweet. What more to wish for! 122 more words

Oats and Pear Cake

Sometimes in the evening I crave sweets, not because I am hungry, just because I have a sweet tooth! So, since sweets have always been a big deal, I do my best to eat healthy desserts, cakes and cookies. 320 more words

Wild Rice, Pistachio, Cherry Salad

With November here, my palate is excited to embrace the tastes  and colors of Autumn: green, ruby, brown, orange; and tastes: spiced sausage, wild grains, tart cherries, crunchy nuts. 238 more words