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One Pan Tofu Ratatouille

I love eggplant, but it often looks intimidating and I usually turn to more familiar squashes like zucchini or yellow squash. However, when passing it in the store the other day, I felt inspired to purchase a single eggplant and create a new dish. 286 more words

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Fasírt (Meatballs)

(Pronunciation: “Faw-Sheert”)

Fasírt! The Hungarian meatball! It doubles as both a main course and as a side for főzelék (vegetable stew), particularly krumplifőzelék (the vegetable stew of potato variety). 734 more words


Quinoa Almond Salad

Every week on Sunday I like to make a large jar of grains to use throughout the week. I don’t really like to meal prep because I like to be inspired by what looks good at the farmer’s market or grocery store and I can’t anticipate what I will be craving a few days in advance. 235 more words

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Lángos (Fried Dough)

(Pronunciation: Lahn-goash)

I guess someone who worked in a bakery suddenly decided “Hey wait a minute… what if we took this dough, and fried it?!!! ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ” 630 more words


Sweet Potato Mash

Sweet potatoes, mashed. One time at my local farmer’s market I asked if their sweet potatoes were ready. I actually did this every week, just to get on their nerves (not really, I was just really craving fresh sweet potatoes). 684 more words


Lentil Tomato Mash

In an attempt to recover a batch of somewhat mushy lentils, I came up with this yummy and hearty side dish. With 13g of protein and 8g of fiber per serving in this trio lentil blend I purchased from Costco, you could easily make this dish as a main course served over some sauteed veggies or brown rice. 126 more words

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Siracha Honey Roasted Brussels

I’ll eat brussel sprouts in any form- sauteed, boiled, even raw, but roasting them is probably my favorite.
I wanted to create a simple recipe that had a unique spin on the plain balsamic brussel sprouts I often make. 151 more words

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