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Apple & nut butter biscuits

I love these simple cookies, biscuits that I always make as a snack to take to work…because yes, I am such a snacker and I always crave sweets. 220 more words


These delicious crackers are made using whole grains, nuts and seeds, and are incredibly high in fibre and protein.  Their creator describes them as “Crispy, crunchy, flaky, seedy, and so tasty, this crispbread that is my new go-to for every meal of the day, and snacking in between!” 389 more words

Homemade Salsa


Mexican food is one of my all time faves. I never really had it growing up so I’m trying to cram in a childhoods worth of Mexican delights. 365 more words


Yogurt Superbowl

Textures are kind of a big deal, and this snack has so much yes going on in that category I could eat it everyday, and often do. 202 more words


Fennel, Apple, Celery Spring Salad

With Spring season here, it’s hard not to notice all the greenery and super blooms that have been flourishing throughout all of Southern California. This salad  is my favorite “green” salad – refreshing, tangy, crunchy and light. 230 more words


Sweet Potato Fries

Let’s talk soggy fries.  Is there anything more disappointing than a soggy fry?  Ok probably but let’s stay focused here.  Sweet potato fries are so hard to get right.   101 more words


Easy Vegan Aoli

Hello vegans and hopefully some curious non-vegans too!

We all know how it feels to have someone say to us “I couldn’t go vegan because I wouldn’t be able to eat all the creamy foods!” Well it’s about time to throw some much needed vegan information out there because it’s way too obvious that the world is lacking when it comes to that. 472 more words