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SNAFU Car-Buying

Today I bought a used car from the people who rented me the chibi clown car after my poor little pony was murdered while parked in front of my house.   370 more words


Book Review: Sewing 911 by Barbara Deckert

One of the joys of being a cheapskate is spending hours researching used sewing books on Amazon. (You could probably do this on Ebay as well.) I love reading reviews, love finding the best quality copy for the very lowest price — don’t forget to mentally add the cost of shipping — and love the suggestions that Amazon gives me when I add something to my cart. 448 more words



If I hadn’t hiccupped, I would’ve caught it, I said to myself after I dropped the walnut.

There are always hiccups. Deal with them. Have such reserve that you do not insist upon their absence


Scheduling, I hate thee... #countdownsale

Why do I hate scheduling?

Because it never goes off the way I mean it to. That blog post that went up last night about the Countdown Sale? 449 more words