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How to use DropVox for voice recording

Years ago, when our family first purchased iPhones, I started exploring voice recorder applications to replace my use of separate devices (like Olympus WS-110). I started using Griffin iTalk initially, but when I started having some reliability issues late last year, which I’m sure they have resolved by now, I moved to Alon Software’s Dictaphone and my favorite, DropVox . 170 more words


Macbook: “Are you sure you want to open it?”

A few weeks ago, after selling my macbook pro, I restored applications from the last Time Machine backup to my workhorse, 2009 Macbook which I use for these posts and most of my video editing. 298 more words


Applied Knowledge: Delayed Capture in SnagIT

SnagIt offers a delayed capture option. Usually capture starts as soon as you invoke it. The delay is configurable in seconds. It is easy enough to understand how it works. 213 more words

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Flipping the Classroom Using SnagIt

P4 – Practice the integration of appropriate technology with instruction.

One way technology can assist teachers enhance use of classroom time is by allowing teachers to flip the classroom. 516 more words


Use the Impossible to Fail Quiz to Give Students Instant Remediation

Does your gut (and your assessment) tell you some students didn’t get it the first time you taught it? Would you like to give students remediation exclusively for concepts they don’t understand? 393 more words


Technology + Instructor = Enriched Learning: Leveraging Multimedia Tools to Bridge the Knowledge Gap

I gave a talk on leveraging multimedia tools to bridge the knowledge gap at National Association of Developmental Education’s 2015 conference in Greenville, SC.

Summary: 44 more words


Innovation in Teaching Using Google Apps

This afternoon, I had the pleasure of talking with the PGG doctoral students about life as a faculty member and how I approach the design of my courses. 943 more words

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