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How I Turned My Husband Into Snake Guy

Being the least nerdy of our group, my husband was a little reluctant to dress up. The understanding was that he would do it if I made the costume. 870 more words

Why G.I.Joe America's Elite World War 3 story is one of the greatest G.I.Joe event we'll ever have.

G.I.Joe America’s Elite was Devils Due Publishing’s second attempt at an on going G.I.Joe series after their “A Real American Hero” series ended. It was a lot different to what had come before them, while still maintaining some of the problems from the ARAH title. 475 more words

Main Source - Snake Eyes

In 1991 when Drake was only 5 years old, Sir Scratch and K-Cut put Toronto on the hip hop map by releasing the album ‘Breaking Atoms’ as a part of the group Main Source with Large Professor. 137 more words

Nic Cage Match 2015

It’s time to do a roundup of the movies featuring Nicolas Cage that Rachael and I watched this past week and say something halfway intelligible about them.  1,368 more words


Scarlett Overview - Original 2014

Once we settled on G.I. Joe characters, I knew I was going to be Scarlett. And since we were going with the classic cartoon, this was my inspiration picture: 414 more words

G.I. Joe: Strike v1.0.5 [Mod] Premium Apk

G.I. Joe: Strike (DISCOVER THE HERO WITHIN) Experience the visceral thrill of combat in this fast-paced, cinematic action game. Your nemesis Storm Shadow has rounded up an army of deadly Arashikage ninja and must be stopped! 24 more words


You can't hide your lion eyes

We were watching David Attenborough last week on the TV. This particular program was about lions. When the camera zoomed in on the lion’s eyes, hubby commented that Casey (our dog) has the same coloured eyes as a lion. 452 more words