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The poll for your favorite COBRA agent is now closed. Nine different candidates received votes but there can only be one winner. In this case, Destro edged out Storm Shadow and Zartan to take the prize. 200 more words


Snake Eyes is the Perfect Hockey Name in Las Vegas

Dear Las Vegas and everyone that lives in Clark County,

As a former proud resident of the area, let me congratulate you in advance. You have done everything necessary to finally bring one of the four major sports to town. 369 more words

Awesome Sports Logos

Michael Turner Monday - Yo Joe!

Last of the Turner Posts…and its a cool one. SnakeEyes vs StormShadow! This one is just fantastic!


Snake Eyes

Today sees the release of the Snake Eyes CD on Retrobution Records catalog number RBCD01 .

The album is a partnership between Michael Fleck and Patrick Atkinson.   189 more words

Song Writing Attempt - Wrote A Couple Of Songs

I’ve always loved music and I also love writing so I thought why not try to write a few songs and ask people if they liked them. 506 more words

Snake Eyes

It seems as though each time I make an optimistic blog post, something goes wrong. Since my last post was titled “Lucky Seven,” it seemed appropriate to keep with the gambling theme and title this one “Snake Eyes.” For those unfamiliar with the term, a throw of two ones with a pair of dice results in the lowest possible score, and by extension the term is also used to reference bad luck¹. 379 more words