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Snake Eyes

Today sees the release of the Snake Eyes CD on Retrobution Records catalog number RBCD01 .

The album is a partnership between Michael Fleck and Patrick Atkinson.   189 more words

Song Writing Attempt - Wrote A Couple Of Songs

I’ve always loved music and I also love writing so I thought why not try to write a few songs and ask people if they liked them. 506 more words

Snake Eyes

It seems as though each time I make an optimistic blog post, something goes wrong. Since my last post was titled “Lucky Seven,” it seemed appropriate to keep with the gambling theme and title this one “Snake Eyes.” For those unfamiliar with the term, a throw of two ones with a pair of dice results in the lowest possible score, and by extension the term is also used to reference bad luck¹. 379 more words

Streetfighter X G.I.joe review

So the the biggest comics of February has finaly arrived. No, not Aveners the secret of Pleasant Hill or what ever it’s called (Although that is a cracking good tale) no silly, we finally have Streetfighter x G.I.joe arrive. 279 more words


Netflix February 2016_day.10 – Snake Eyes (1998)

_I have a psych professor. Every class, he starts off by saying “Happy (Day of the week) everybody! What’s going on in the world, what’s going on in your lives?” It’s just a kind of…warm greeting for the day, greeting for the class. 396 more words


Lite-ing It Up With Nicolas Cage: Snake Eyes and Kirkland Light

Nicolas Cage is perhaps the most reviled actor of his generation, and his recent output has made him the object of great ridicule. Much of this is deserved, because even though the man has shown flashes of brilliance at times throughout his acting career, the vast majority of his films seem like unwatchable garbage. 1,973 more words