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12 March 2018 Bible Reading

Mark 16:18, “‘They shall take up serpents; and if they drink any deadly thing, it shall not hurt them . . . .” can be confusing for some. 2,511 more words


"Taking up serpents..."

First off, I must admit that I have about three posts I need to write to explain my six-week hiatus and my name change ‘Splaining the name thing… 2,054 more words


The Serpent Box and the Poison Jar

Charles Flint had for some time been in the habit of consuming lethal doses of strychnine and lye. He had watched the Bowsky brothers do it several years back under a patched canvas circus tent in the hills of north Georgia. 6,133 more words

Back to Sssschool: Snake Handling and Serpent Movement with The Circus SideShow Reptiles

We met an albino boa constrictor named Lavender, thanks to the enterprising and proactive efforts of Circus SideShow Reptiles facilitators Burns the Dragon and Tristan Risk – and now you can, too. 179 more words



“Revival” was written after my grandmother told me about going to a snake-handling church when she was younger. This was probably in the 1930s, and the church was in the Appalachian mountains. 253 more words

Snakes in the Church

Book review: Salvation on Sand Mountainby Dennis Covington

“Snake handling didn’t originate back in the hills somewhere. It started when people came down  1,127 more words

Book Review