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Back to Sssschool: Snake Handling and Serpent Movement with The Circus SideShow Reptiles

We met an albino boa constrictor named Lavender, thanks to the enterprising and proactive efforts of Circus SideShow Reptiles facilitators Burns the Dragon and Tristan Risk – and now you can, too. 179 more words



“Revival” was written after my grandmother told me about going to a snake-handling church when she was younger. This was probably in the 1930s, and the church was in the Appalachian mountains. 253 more words

Snakes in the Church

Book review: Salvation on Sand Mountainby Dennis Covington

“Snake handling didn’t originate back in the hills somewhere. It started when people came down  1,127 more words

Book Review

American Piety

Face it, all you low rent prayer monkeys. If your church is in a strip mall or industrial park, then you’re just a hop skip and a jump away from sacrificing livestock or handling snakes. 6 more words



I should read Young Adult books more often. Whenever I hear or read that a particular YA book is good, I make a note of it, but, when I’m at the library and I’m about to borrow it, I often decide not to. 893 more words

Book Review

Prairie Dog Church

Snake-handling prairie dog preacher and congregation, acrylic on gesso board, 12×12, ©RobiniArt 2017. SOLD.