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Exhausting the 'double engine'

The red sand boa is traded all over south India. Manipulative con artists ready with baskets of this plump red-brown snake buried in soil manage to convince even public figures and politicians to buy into the ruse. 208 more words

Wildlife Management

A little 'hiss'tory

It appears like I had requested God before he put me on earth, that no matter what happens in my life, it shall not happen without a great deal of drama, twists & turns or adventure (with a choice of picking any one or all of these)…. 2,499 more words

Relocating Snakes to the Wild

Many people who move to Mission Beach enjoy being surrounded by nature and the rainforest. However, they do not expect to find nature inside their homes. 477 more words


Snake whisperer charms carpet python

Kakadu Chief Ranger Ollie was called into a residence in Jabiru with reports of a snake in the garage last week.

When Ollie arrived he found a poor carpet python with a stubbie cooler caught around it’s neck! 99 more words

Parks Australia

update ... and a close call

It is a good thing that squirrels have long, bushy tails. Otherwise that poor critter would have met his demise when he hurled out of the park and onto my bike tire. 328 more words

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The Reptile Rescue Squad - Baby Cobra

by Aditi Baindur

The phone rang, it was Abhinav Chawla Uncle to speak to Dad! But Dad was out walking the dog! Abhinav Uncle told me that there was a cobra in his room. 532 more words