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Heels All Day

I bought these super cute heels by Steve Madden off of 6PM.com forever ago. Want to see how long ago? Let me check……. this long ago, I wrote this post when I got them,  266 more words


Have skin...need snake

Somewhere, a little bull snake is running around without his coat!

Snake skin has a limited capacity for enlargement.  Unlike humans or other mammals, a snake’s skin doesn’t all grow as the individual grows.   118 more words



Snakeskin may either refer to the shed skin of a living snake after moulting or to a type of leather that is made from the hide of a dead snake. 202 more words


Snakes and Ponds

I went out to check on the ponds the other evening as it was growing dark. That is really the only time I can see into the water with my strong flashlight as during the day, unless the sun is shining directly on the water, the depth of the water and the dark pond liner make it almost impossible to see down more than a foot or so. 974 more words