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Snake Skin

Her sandals are snake skin – real or fake I can’t tell – but they remind me of my father’s snake skin cowboy boots and rattlesnakes. 142 more words


Snake Skins, Swimming Pools & The Fire Dept!

Sorry I missed posting yesterday, I did a lot of hunny do things so I forgot until late and decided to just wait until today and combine them all! 226 more words

Cow Poop and Come

Things have gone horribly wrong at Grammie’s house. It started out all happy flowers and “yeah, nature!”

But went downhill pretty quickly.

How does she know it’s a baby? 155 more words

Edging Ever Closer To Officially Batshit Crazy

Inspiration: Like Printing with a Snake Skin

Here you see my step daughter Ash working with a piece of snake skin as she learns the process of gel printing. We were in between meals and I had mentioned gel printing earlier in the week, so she asked if I could show her how it works. 371 more words

A Year Of Inspiration


The pattern on this skirt was made using a post-it note over the heater and rubbing led over it. (The heater was off lol) Then, my coworkers wanted me to use some confetti sequins from a party today in a design, so here you go! 8 more words

Snake Skin Details

These little things will add that extra to your outfit, giving you a sophisticated and put-together look.

Hope you enjoyed my first post! Love, K x

9 more words

Season of New Life

It is Passover; it is Pagan Fertility festivals; it is Eastertide…yup it is the time of year when the cold winter ends, the harsh gray is illuminated with new light, the darkness recedes, the snow melts, and new life springs forth. 231 more words