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About Appalachian Outlaws

Hundreds of years ago, the Appalachian Mountains were once the great frontier of Western migration and civilization. Pioneers from all over were drawn to its spectacular beauty and prospect of riches, but most were not prepared for its formidable elements: harsh weather, attacks from indigenous people, and especially, the treachery and betrayal from their own kind. 148 more words

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With a population of 713,443 as of the 2011 census, a great deal of cultural diversity exists under the banner of the City of Mississauga. From its early days as Toronto Township, with a community of Native peoples and Loyalist settlers fleeing the American Revolution, Mississauga has bloomed into a truly multicultural city with representatives from every corner of the globe. 413 more words

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New York, New York

Getting snap happy in New York. All photos taken on the LG Nexus 5. Editing courtesy of Instagram – who else!

Christina x

The Travel Diary

Fire Exit

“Fire exit. Keep clear.”

I don’t want to now.

I want to push the button that says “don’t push.” Why did you tell me not to? 90 more words

Snap Happy

10 Minute Photo

“New. Extreme Black. Save 2 euro.”

I hate that. How the hell am I saving it?

It’s like when one form of contraception claims it’s the most effective. 120 more words

Snap Happy

Review: PicStick Photo Magnets

For those of you that read my blog, you’ll understand my excitement when approached to review a photo product. We are very much snap happy in… 290 more words

Lil G

ZSL London Zoo

I spent the weekend imitating a tourist and hunting down sloths at London Zoo – best way to spend a Saturday! Obviously got a little bit snap happy -

Christina x