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Post V ~ Final Note & Hot-Seat

Having not slept at all, I went into my 9AM lecture a little bit on the hyperactive side considering how much sugar I had consumed in order to stay awake. 680 more words


What are you going to write about?

This is is the million dollar question, the one I get asked most frequently: “What are you going to write about?”

My usual response is that I have a general idea of what the story might be about, but rarely know in full until it’s finished and published. 285 more words


Hello 2016

The past few days I’ve been thinking about some kind of “best of 2015” post, and I have to say I didn’t get very far. Whatever I wanted to say about the year I think I said here already. 817 more words


Listen to Me Read My Story on BonBon Break Live

I was delighted to be able to share my essay, “More Than a Snap Judgment,” in the inspiring online magazine BonBon Break last week. Now, you can listen to me read my story in… 25 more words

Bonbon Break

Snap Judgment

Dear Hiring Manager,

I do not know where it is that you project your bias upon me. Is it…

…my out of state area code? (“Just can’t trust these out of town folks.”)

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A Plea to Show Respect on the Internet

I like reading the comments under articles on controversial topics. It may be unadvised to do so, but doing so allows me to get a sense of what out society really thinks about certain issues. 941 more words