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Snap Shot #24: A Dishonourable Scout

It is the wrong side of minus thirty-five degrees. Nobody knows how cold it is with the wind chill factor. In Winnipeg Manitoba, you don’t want to know how much colder the perpetual winter wind is making things. 391 more words

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Look, Who We Rescued!

On November 21  David and I were getting into the truck to go to town when we heard this little meowing noise. I look to see a little orange kitty running to me from the neighbors’ porch. 623 more words


Snap Shot #23: The Passenger

I go to pick up my cab from the depot but am told that it is undergoing its annual safety check. I’m annoyed – it’s a Friday night shift and there is money to be made. 870 more words

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Snap Shot #22: Giving Thanks

Almost exactly six years ago my family and I were lucky enough to travel to America and experience Thanksgiving with some of the most wonderful people on the planet. 560 more words

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اسم صاحب مصر والمهدي في التوراه والانجيل

شايلو – שִׁילוה


اسم صاحب مصر في سفر التكوين

 10لا يزولُ الصَّولجانُ مِنْ يَهوذا وَمُشْتَرِعٌ من صلبه حتى يأتي شايلُو وتطيعه الشعوب

واتفقت جميع الاسفار والنسخ علي الاسم واختلفوا علي من يكون هذا الشايلو

المهدي المنتظر

Snap Shot #21: Sniffing Butts and Pissing on Poles

“It’s a dog’s life”, so the saying goes. Until a couple of years ago, I’d always assumed that this was a negative analogy – that living “a dog’s life” was not a desirable thing. 836 more words

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Snap Shot #20: Boring Snippet

I am walking to the bus stop – a rare event for someone whose wife accuses of being public transport-phobic. I see a man in the distance on his phone. 307 more words

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