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Snap Shot #59 – Why I Love Huskies

Nitro the Two Toned Cavoodle is a goofy, happy go lucky dog and I love him. But every time we encounter a Husky on one of our walks, I’m reminded that these majestic wolf-like creatures remain my favourite breed. 561 more words

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Snap Shot #58 – Jezebel

Though we loved her – Petula was a pathetic cat. Often jumpy and slightly unhinged, her life was cut short before she reached her second birthday. 453 more words

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Finland iPhone Clicks

It’s been a couple of weeks since I was in Finland, but I have some good clicks on my phone from Helsinki and Tampere when the summer started. 49 more words


Snap Shot. Ojo al dato... Spain is different

¡6 operarios…6! ¡Increíble!

¡Ojo al dato…!

Uno sujeta la caja…

otro da instrucciones,

otro sujeta la barra,

otro mira,

otro sostiene un papel,

otro se fuma un cigarro!!! 14 more words

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Snap Shot #57 – Beats Whale Watching

I unfurl my yoga mat. It’s a bright winter’s day at Bondi Beach. The concrete platform at the south end has the usual sprinkling of yoga stretchers, tai chi posers and seated coffee drinkers. 168 more words

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