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Snap Shot #69 – Adventures With Reg

My wife and I are at the opening of Reg Mombassa’s latest art exhibition. She’s already been proactive in purchasing a small painting prior to the event. 495 more words

Snap Shots

Snap Shot #68 – Indulging My Inner Hermit

I am enjoying an all too rare solo bushwalk. It’s a trail that’s becoming my favourite, not only for it’s natural beauty but also it’s convenience – a slice of heaven nestled in Sydney’s northern suburbs. 341 more words

Snap Shots

Exhaustion to the bone

Stepping from the bus to the sidewalk I tucked my face deeper into the grey knitted cowl around my neck. Winter had finally come to the city like a lion and flakes of snow flew through the air. 228 more words


Border Ranges QLD 2006

When in QLD for a conference, I thought I’d take the opportunity to ask a few guys also attending the conference to join me for a few days up in the Border Ranges. 167 more words


Snap Shot #67 – Black and White Dog Days

I am tossing a Frisbee with my mate Jezza like we do most Saturdays. We are in a fairly enclosed area of Centennial Park. Although we aren’t in the main dog walking thorough-fair, dogs and their owners drift past. 352 more words

Snap Shots

Muscle pains

Pushing through the door to the small apartment, yes, but it is my apartment, I tossed my backpack to the floor. Stretching I toed off my converse, dropping my keys near the abandoned shoes, and winced as I hobbled across the floor to my room. 164 more words


Snap Shot #66 – Hard Yakka

There’s a scene in the film Jasper Jones where the thirteen – year old main character (who happens to be named Charlie) is punished by his mother, magnificently portrayed by Toni Collette. 346 more words

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