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Sully Saturdays # 13

You may be wondering where I have been? Well, about three weeks ago on April 8, so Mom tells me, I don’t really have a good concept of this thing called time. 509 more words


Return Of The Rooster!

This is the rooster that was hanging around last fall. He had 3 hens with him. We were hoping to see him again this spring and maybe see if he had started a family. 172 more words


Sully's New Crochet Leash

I crocheted this leash so I could take him outside and connect it to the clothes line. He could lay in the grass in the shade, sniff around, and use nature’s scratching post. 334 more words


Pretty In Pink

Milly’s New Harness

Do you remember those lanyards I got at the Senior Citizens’ Garage Sale a few weeks back? It is ok if you don’t. 604 more words


Sully Saturdays # 12

Mom finally got around to  making my new collar. She had to finish up some bucket hats first. She made this one in Red Heart Super Saver 0886 blue. 172 more words


I feel as if I’m forever writing in the same words. Like there’s someone trapped in my head trying to convey a message to me so they can escape.

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