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Snap Shot #10: Not So Well Boys

“Oh yeah – I almost forgot.” My son suddenly remembers something and rummages through his school bag. “Our photos came back.” He hands me a teal booklet with his face on the cover. 348 more words

Snap Shots

Snap Shot #9: Lost in Translation

Should I put on a mask or not? I do have a packet of them in my bag but they were bought more as a joke than as a practical purchase. 383 more words

Snap Shots

Snap Shot #8: Losing My Religion

It has been two years since our last pilgrimage to Melbourne. On that day, the faith my son and I had placed in our marvellous men to triumph against the odds was rewarded in glorious fashion. 259 more words

Snap Shots

Today I will panic in peace. Tucked up in bed with a cup of tea and a blanket of thoughts.

I will panic for all the days that got me here.

85 more words
Snap Shots

Snap Shots -Early Morning Country

On my drive to work today, I couldn’t help but take the time and snap some photos.

Just a little hazy this morning

Yep, looking back, and this is what I drive through everyday. 58 more words


Sea Scapes 4

A picture of pure beauty
Of balance
And curving waves
Of the sea

Of Man

Trying to balance

To stay balanced

On Nature’s soft waves.


The First Yellow Summer Squash of 2016!

This is the size we like to pick. They are just right for the frying pan.

I added it to this frozen stir – fry mix. 13 more words