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A Couple of The Pond's Locals

You could say they are a couple of old coots, no not David and I. Hee hee hee

American Coots are a diving bird, so it is fun to watch them when the fishing is slow. 103 more words


Snap Shot #18: An Underachiever Reflects

My get up and go just got up and went. My drive has deserted, ambition’s all spent. But I’m not too worried. No, I’m not so sad. 105 more words

Snap Shots

Someone,a reporter I guess, said "Mr. Smith goes to Washington" is D. Trump's favourite movie.

Now there is one more thing I think I know about Donald Trump. The most convincing thing is that photo of him and an old friend about 3 years back that I still can’t get over. 82 more words


Birthday Presents for Martin and Me!

Our Birthday is not until Monday, but David got me these cool shoes!

I picked out this neat present for Martin.

I don’t have any birthday paper to wrap it. 29 more words


كيف تعرف اليهودي من بني اسرائيل

التعرف علي بني اسرائيل

Differentiating children of Israel 

السبب لحقيقي لغزو هتلر العالم

هو التخلص من بني اسرائيل وكان يعرفهم من دمهم ، اصحاب الدم السالب 1,715 more words

Snap Shots