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Snap Shot #30: Sandal Scandal

I am walking Nitro the Two Toned Cavoodle along Bondi Beach – our nightly ritual. We are returning to where I had left my sandals about twenty minutes earlier – at the bottom of the southern most ramp. 370 more words

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Snap Shot #29: The Ups and Downs of Stairs

We are house sitting. Although the place is only a ten minute drive from our two bedroom unit in Bondi, it is a world away from how we are used to living. 468 more words

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Snap Shot #28: Bowling Buzz

It starts with a cab fare. I accept a job from Bondi to Maroubra with several drop offs along the way. When I arrive at the pick up address, there is a woman organising a group of young adults. 500 more words

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Snap Shot #27: Bad Santa/Bad Parent?

Over the last several years, it has become a bit of a Christmas eve tradition for my wife and I to watch Billy Bob Thorton’s ‘Bad Santa’. 235 more words

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Mamma, It Was Cold Outside!

As many of you know the Midwest had some pretty damn cold weather last week. We knew it was coming so Milly the Shed Cat… 426 more words


Snap Shot #26: Superpowers

I have agreed to let my son join me and Nitro the Two-Toned Cavoodle on our nightly walk along Bondi Beach. But there is a condition. 199 more words

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ناسا تحذر من كارثه كونيه قادمه

Joseph Nuth (award-winning astro-biologist for NASA) : 

“We are due.”

NASA scientists warn that humanity is not prepared for an extinction event. 594 more words

المهدي المنتظر