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Malhamdale in March

Whilst it’s lovely to visit the Yorkshire Dales in warmer weather, and lush green summer meadows and dry stones walls epitomise the national park, this time of year is also nice for landscape photography with late Winter/early Spring resulting in some subtler tones to work with. 166 more words


Snap Shot #79 – Hard Rocking Head Banging Brat

Back and forth. Back and forth. Nothing beats rocking. Back and forth. Back and forth. I can do this for hours. Back and forth. Back and forth. 106 more words

Snap Shots

You Could Accidentally Be an NHL Goalie

An NHL team is required to dress two goalies a night. In the event that a goalie goes down before a game and they can’t get a minor leaguer to the rink in time, the team may enact the Emergency Back Up Goaltender (EBUG). 323 more words


Snap Shot #78 – The Bluebottle Blues

I’m running along Bondi Beach on a crowded summer Sunday. It’s over a decade before I’ll call this suburb home. This is a tourist stop for my visiting father, who’s freckled body is laying on a towel next to my girlfriend. 245 more words

Snap Shots

Snap Shot #77 – Bed Hopper

It’s after midnight on what’s been a busy Saturday night. I get notified of a job in Bondi and wait outside the building for five minutes. 303 more words

Snap Shots

Snap Shot #76 – A Tale of Two Trips

There are buses up my bum. So I crawl further up the road, hoping my Uber rider is close enough to see me. Just in time a tall olive skinned young man opens the door, a plastic bag of bottles clinking in his hand. 795 more words

Snap Shots

Aysgarth Impression

Here’s one of my favourite images taken on a winter day a few years back at Upper Aysgarth Falls.  The River Ure was quite high and there was lots of peaty colour in the water.  49 more words

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