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an inherent need for immortality
beauty lies within the horror
soul embedded in things we make
body may die and disintegrate
paper defies space and time… 9 more words

Remembering Alan Rickman

It literally feels like weeks ago that Alan Rickman passed away…

The reason that I’m doing this post is, four days prior to Alan Rickman passing, David Bowie had passed away…

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Harry Potter fanfiction Lupin: Moonlight Madness

The silver sun glows through the twisted trees, giving her siren song for me to follow.

For I pursue, concealed in the safekeeping of the Forbidden Forest. 66 more words



Books, movies, and fantasy are my form of escapism. 51 more words


Severus Snape and James Potter - A Hero and a Jerk?

Warning! Humongous Spoilers! Don’t proceed if you don’t know the story!

It is, I have noticed, not terribly uncommon among the readers of Harry Potter to characterize Severus Snape solely as a hero – on account of his arduous, painful, and extremely important work in defeating Voldemort, and James Potter as merely a lousy, no-good, jerk – on account of his teenage tendency to bully people (especially Snape). 2,094 more words

Fiction Commentaries

[HP] Slave Child 42

Chương 42

Sau bữa trưa Harry theo cha nó trở lại sân quidditch để xem Slytherin chọn người. Ron và Hermione đã đi riêng nên nó là học sinh Gryffindor duy nhất ở đó. 6,130 more words