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Unpopular Opinions

Everyone has beliefs that are controversial or unpopular, here are some of the unpopular opinions that I have:

  • Taylor Swift is so annoying. Everyone loves her but I don’t trust her at all, idk there’s just something shady about her.
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[HP] Slave Child 34-35

Chương 34

Harry tới ngồi trên chiếc ghế ở góc phòng ăn trong khi cha nó đến bên lò sưởi để gọi món cho bữa tối của hai người. 14,494 more words


Cambiare Podentes 2

Chương 2

Thứ ba, ngày 5 tháng năm, 1998 7 giờ 38 phút sáng

Hermione buồn bã lắc đầu khi Harry tới ngồi đối diện mình trong  Đại sảnh đường sáng hôm sau cho bữa sáng. 1,648 more words


Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows Part 2 review


Disclaimer: The review is divided into parts, the first part is spoiler free. The second part (next page) deals with a deeper analysis.

Harry Potter and the deathly hallows part 2 begins where the previous film left off. 2,210 more words

Reelistic Views

Cambiare Podentes 1

Thứ hai, ngày 4 tháng năm, 1998 – 7 giờ đúng chiều

Sáu tuần nữa, Harry nghĩ, liếc nhìn xung quanh phòng sinh hoạt chung nhà Gryffindor. 3,866 more words


Severus Snape Galaxy Cape Prints & Products

Went to town creating Severus Snape while on vacation a couple weeks ago. Harry Potter and the Cursed Child had just been released and I wanted to commemorate this dark hero (who I still can’t decide how I feel about). 104 more words


Severus Snape was not a hero and he doesn't deserve the title of one...

Alan Rickman makes me conflicted.

Severus Snape does not deserve your sympathy, and he certainly doesn’t deserve to be in the ‘hero’ category.

Yes, he was brave. 852 more words