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We're Going On A Cruise

This will make the second time that we’ve taken a “change of job vacation.” Five years ago, David and I went to Universal Studios (hello Wizarding World of Harry Potter), after he left one job and before he started the one he is currently leaving. 552 more words

Defending Snape

The Harry Potter Fandom, is a massive one, that knows no boundaries. People from all over the world and of varying ages love this series, and will defend it like their lives depend on it. 642 more words

Book Nerd

The Story Of An Unrequited Love That Made Me Want to Kill Myself : Severus Snape

I know, I know this is supposed to be an anime only blog but I had to explain my absence. The reason I didn’t write anything because I was busy reading Harry Potter and finished all the books in the past week,  the reason is that one of my nerdy friends begged me to read it and I cannot refuse her and her puppy eyes, love her too much you see. 798 more words

Re-reading Harry Potter

I find the Harry Potter series enthralling. I have read the whole series at least three times now. Generally, if I can I’ll read them one after another. 278 more words


The Snooty Ushers Remember Alan Rickman - Part 3

With the release of Eye In The Sky featuring Alan Rickman’s final performance, here’s the third and final part of my tribute. 799 more words

The Snooty Ushers On...

Pet Peeves

Huzzah! On day 22 of the Blogging Challenge, I get to write about something important, finally! Pet Peeves! Things I find extremely annoying. Woohee! I can definitely exhaust this topic as I am very grumpy, judgy person *wink*. 494 more words


Resurrection Post: A Real Hero

Come with me for a moment. I’d like to tell you about someone.

Can you picture it? He was something of a lonely child. Hated and outcast almost from birth; his father’s people despised his mother’s, and vice versa. 1,864 more words

Living Conditions