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RIP Alan Rickman

It was the beginning of the second half of my senior year, and I came to school, sick and unaware. In anatomy class, my friend Kain said, “The guy who played Snape died. 163 more words

Several Snape

Snape Maltings 5/5: detail of mast, sail and rigging on a wherry moored by Snape Maltings: “A wherry is a type of boat that was traditionally used for carrying cargo or passengers on rivers and canals in England, and is particularly associated with the River Thames and also with the Broadland rivers of Norfolk and Suffolk.” 25 more words


Both sides now

Snape Maltings 4/5: early 19th-century archway with clock and bell turret (bell missing) 10 more words


Display purposes only

Snape Maltings 3/5: view through greenhouse displaying garden goods and furniture

Snape, apart from its world class music events, is a mecca for middleclass shoppers on the lookout for what they regard as superior goods (no value judgement implied from me). 17 more words



Snape Maltings 2/5: raked seating in the concert hall, Snape

The repurposed maltings building, originally constructed to malt barley, but now one of the main venues for Aldeburgh Festival concerts instituted by composer… 15 more words


A Harry Potter Fan Rant (Part 1)

Kayanna: “OMG I totally forgot and you even REMINDED ME!”

Well… I am posting today. Shit, it’s after midnight! …I have literally been working on this for hours and I am only 2- 3rds done….

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Snape Maltings

On the first day of the trip (which was also Christmas Eve) we went to Saxmundham for a few last minute supplies and enjoyed a hectic half-hour of being bashed by shopping trollies and delayed by senior citizens before joining a queue to get out of the car park. 708 more words