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The Joke's on You (Podcast)

In this podcast, I recreate iconic characters from pop-culture using my voice. As actors, out voices and its modulation is golden and essential to art of theatre. Happy listening!


10 Saddest Harry Potter Film Moments


Cedric’s Body (The Goblet of Fire) 

This entry in the list is specifically the scene when Harry returns Cedric’s body back to his father. For me what makes a death scene work is the people around the death reacting and Amos Diggory has a powerful reaction when he sees his son’s corpse. 936 more words

Harry Potter

[HP] Slave Child 51

Tiện công thì mình up trước. các tập từ 38-50 sẽ up sau nhé.

Chương 51

“Cậu Harry!” Norie hét lên, suýt làm Harry phát điếc khi ré thẳng vào tai nó. 6,078 more words


[HP] Slave Child 37

Chương 37

Sáng ngày mùng 2 tháng 9, trời u ám và nổi gió. Harry tỉnh dậy sớm cố cưỡng lại cám dỗ muốn rúc xuống lớp chăn để ngủ tiếp thêm một lúc, như nó đã làm mấy ngày qua, nhưng rồi nó nhớ lại. 3,794 more words


Top 10 Harry Potter Characters

The Harry Potter series gave us many characters that we love, hate and miss, so when I sat down and tried to rank my favourite 10, it was almost impossible. 1,163 more words

Harry Potter

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hackers

Aside from the Snowdens and Assanges of the world, hacking can be used for darker purposes. Cyberwar is defined by various characteristics, including surveillance, subversion, impersonation and sock puppets ( 459 more words