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Love Hurts, but Not as Much as a Stab Wound

I felt it was time to re-post these beautiful and poignant words.

I wrote this during a period of deep personal healing…but mostly I was drunk.


A Change of Pace: Turtles!

Sometimes I have to walk away from the common challenges of wildlife photography, subjects like deer feeding in fading light, butterflies darting erratically across a meadow, tiny birds searching for berries in dense undergrowth, an eagle soaring in the clouds. 222 more words

Nature Photography


Because of me, my granddaughter almost loses a couple of fingers.

We’re driving down a typical New England country road, bracketed with August-green swaying trees. Hawks swing on the tops of those trees, squawking loudly. 646 more words

Do You See?

When your eyes see
you really see
yet when you don’t
oh! the woe
when with open eyes
blindness plies
forsaking light

Photography/ “Do You See?”/August 2017©AmyRose… 161 more words


here's looking at you

A blackish oblong shape moved slowly across the road toward my front lawn the other day.  I had no idea what it was until it got much closer. 138 more words

Wildlife Photography

The Voice of the Turtle

We like turtles around here.  However, I must say that the biggest turtle enthusiast in our family is my husband.  He’s the one who knows the interesting facts, has found rare turtles species in the wild and knows how to pick up a snapper without getting snapped.  646 more words