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Rainy Bot Garden

In between rain showers I squeezed in a trip to the bot garden and was not disappointed. Soggy and muddy, I basically had the white trail to myself. 151 more words


Clearing out

We finally had a couple of days of sunshine before Easter and were able to get out on some of the back roads to view nature.  53 more words

Throwback Thursday

Another TBT and I am finding it difficult to choose which old posts to re-share! Some are good, some are funny, some are too stupid…. Hmmm. 38 more words


One Sick Puppy

A man fed a sick puppy to a snapping turtle. Who’s sick now?  Bodrero believes this incident is hurting the town’s image.

“We had positive eyes, or people looking, like oh my gosh theres that neighborhood, like Napoleon… 70 more words


Snapping Turtle

I was looking through photos today and came upon this one of a snapping turtle at Harper’s Ferry, West Virginia. He was so covered with algae in the water it was hard to pick him out from the branches and logs. 10 more words


Out Of This World

This week’s photo challenge proved to be somewhat thought provoking for me.  I was not sure exactly how to approach it.  In the simplest sense, one is almost always trying to take outdoor pictures that are noteworthy and perhaps “out of the world”.  363 more words


Love Hurts, but Not as Much as a Stab Wound

I felt it was time to re-post these beautiful and poignant words.

I wrote this during a period of deep personal healing…but mostly I was drunk.