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Two snaps and a twist

Two enormous Snapping turtles — probably males — were writhing, clawing, and definitely snapping in the marsh pond.

With shells alone a foot or more in length, these two adversaries were formidable fighters, presumably vying for territory and/or mates. 6 more words


It's Spring - Eagle Mania Is Here

We’ve had a very mild winter, despite the crummy weather this weekend. Our flora is confused. Our forsythia has taken its merry time to bloom. Daffodils and crocuses seem to be resisting. 597 more words


Camouflaged snapping turtle

I was a little surprised when an unusually shaped mound of dirt slowly began to move in the shallow waters of a muddy pond at… 63 more words


Join the Monarch Squad

World Wildlife Fund has set a goal – getting 1 million supporters to help save the monarch butterfly.

Threatened by illegal logging, global warming, herbicide use, and vanishing food source (milkweed) for caterpillars, monarchs are in serious danger. 301 more words


Demise of a snapping turtle

As I was wandering about Huntley Meadows Park this morning, I came upon the remains of an Eastern Snapping Turtle (Chelydra serpentina) that quite obviously did not survive the winter. 120 more words


Snapping Turtle

The combination of ponds, woods and open fields on our property attracts a variety of wildlife year round. We see lots of┬áturtles sunbathing on the shores of the pond when it’s warm. 211 more words

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