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Last week, we met this teeny tiny turtle–a snapper the size of a half dollar–on the sidewalk into the school. We set him in the grass where he would be safer from the many feet that would be thundering through during the coming day. 138 more words


Ocean Tides - Cold Blooded Game

Chef – Get Your Head In The “Game”   

 Reptile & Amphibian 

SeafoodS.com isn’t just your aquatic protein advocate. We have sea legs and a land lubber’s reach. 798 more words


The Turtles Give Birth ~ By Tom ~

Wow, we were so excited to hear from our friend Cassie back home whom we met one evening when we were our walking Emma.  That night much to our surprise we stumbled on a mature snapping turtle in the process of digging a nest to lay her eggs.  162 more words

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Free Snapping Turtle streams

Snapping Turtle is now on Bandcamp. I will be posting a few more tracks from ‘Chelydra 11’ while I begin work on a new album ‘Noblesse Oblige.’  Here’s the hyperlink:



North Ridgeville Corn Festival, Fishing Derby

NORTH RIDGEVILLE, OH – The Annual Corn Festival for 2016 was plagued with rain and poor weather.  We were fortunate though, that Saturday morning’s kid’s fishing derby had near perfect weather, maybe even the best half day of the entire weekend.  566 more words

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Turtle Crossing

The common snapping turtle (Chelydra serpentina) belongs to an ancient lineage of turtles.  If you could take a time machine back 80 million years ago you would recognize their ancient ancestors  as nearly identical to the modern form.   479 more words