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Interview: Brisbane local, Sally Bagshaw

Our Brisbane editor Lani Pauli says Sally Bagshaw, Brisbane-based copywriter and content strategist, is one of the first people she noticed actively talking about “content strategy” before it was hip. 461 more words


SNOBSpecialist: Sally Bagshaw

Every business knows that communication with customers is a vital part of success. In the online world especially, content is king. You have such a small amount of time to capture and engage visitors to your website – so it’s good to know some tips and tricks to do so! 867 more words

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Use Bullets to Write Better

Bullet points are the best friend of the web writer. They break up pages into neat, bite-sized chunks – making content easier to scan and read. 249 more words

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Snappy Punctuation 101: Pesky Apostrophes

Why oh why are apostrophes so hard? I have to admit even I sometimes have to drag out my punctuation book and double check when something doesn’t look quite right. 263 more words

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Sally Bagshaw & Rebecca George

The Lady in Charge: Sally Bagshaw
Business name: Snappy Sentences
Location: Brisbane, Australia
Launched: December 2008
Website: www.snappysentences.com.au

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