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UNDERCOVER TOOLBOX: sp_Snapshot - The Easy Way To Create Database Snapshots for One or Many Database

sp_Snapshot is a procedure that we’ve written to quickly and easily create a database snapshot of one or multiple databases.


sp_Snapshot uses STRING_SPLIT, if you’re running on a version of SQL Server prior to 2016 or have databases with a compatibility level under 130 you will need to install 

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SQL Server

let me photograph you softly 0057

title   in the train/winter/a person who is going to listen to music

Black And White

Salt Crystals and Brown Tears.

Home only for a moment

Heavy salt crystals on my windows

The only reminder of the hurricane

I am grateful, but sad

Mother Nature is hurt… 22 more words



Back in time
they are patiently waiting
looking one way
missing out on
the one contemporary
coming in their direction.