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Snapshot 35

I didn’t expect to be so comfortable around him. All of our encounters over the past year and a half have been fueled by alcohol or anger, or both. 821 more words


QB: I ❤️ Strawberries

A quick blog… I think I got a good shot of these so I wanted to share. Strawberries are definitely one of my faves especially when paired with something chocolate. 41 more words


Snapshot: Fueling Up

Last year, Strasbourg won the “Smart City” category at the EU-China Smart Mobility City Awards. In its devotion to sustainable mobility, the city has revitalized its bus system, implemented a car share system, and expanded its cycling network considerably; several innovative  19 more words


The ice is cracking, Walter

“The ice is cracking, Walter – can’t we just run for it?”

“If we run, this bear will be all over us like brown on rice.” 166 more words


These images are a small selection of  of assets I have created and textured using the program Maya. The images range from basic objects such as a static table to a lemon that can split in half and a fully rigged low poly character.



Food for the soul;
feeling close, loved and taken care of.


I am a stranger here

I am a stranger here. An alien landscape. An architecture of function, not form. Are they watching me? I wonder if they envy me? After all, I am not one of them. 273 more words