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Free access?

A proposed Constitutional “right of free access” bill was passed by the Chamber of Deputies, with the support of PRI, PAN, their allies and the Mexico City PRD leadership. 22 more words

Fracking... with a side of snark

The BEST article I’ve seen on “energy reform”  in Mexico …. and the dubious economics and political maneuvering (and the guy leading the charge) behind it … comes from Lisa Wines at the U.S. 148 more words

Economy & Business

Booby prize

Via Buzon Xalapa (my translation):

As many will recall , during his campaign for the presidency, Enrique Peña Nieto was roundly criticized by actors, musicians , people in general and intellectuals, prominent among them the late writer, Carlos Fuentes. 316 more words

Politica (Mexicana)

The monster of 9-11... 1973

These guys uniforms remind you of anything from the late 1930s, early 1940s?

Photojournalist Julio Etchart spent the 70s and 80s documenting Pinochet’s 16-year dictatorship in Chile and, by “keeping a low profile and my head down”, he says he was able to capture much of the rising resistance on camera.

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Americas (outside U.S. And Mexico)

We're doomed! Bieberians at the gate

Earlier today, when the today’s much larger “Yo Soy #132” protests (which more and more are turning into anybody but Peña Nieto protests) reached the Zocalo, they were met by … pre-teen and teen-aged girls camped out in anticipation of Justin Beiber’s free concert (on a stage in front of the Cathedral) tomorrow evening. 276 more words

La Raza (Mexican Cultures And Peoples)

Hey, dudes!

A recent Freedom of Information request has forced the Department of Homeland Security to release the keywords and phrases it uses to patrol the web for domestic and external threats.

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