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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Y’all Qaeda has filed a ballot initiative in California to, oh, what’s the phrase I’m looking for? Oh, that’s it: KILL ALL THE GAY PEOPLE… 513 more words



So, this morning I resigned from my job. It went better than anticipated. I suppose it helps when it feels like your Bosshole, if able, would do backflips when you told him. 280 more words

One Lump of Stupid or Two, Log Cabin?

“They like, us! They really like us!,” the California Uncle Tom’s Cabin Club didn’t say:

In a historic move, the California Republican Party on Sunday officially recognized a gay GOP group. 62 more words


I Guess Spring Has Arrived in Florida

Earliest I remember turning on the air conditioner. 82° this afternoon.

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More Fun With Scanning Errors

Reading an Open Library book can be unexpectedly entertaining. Not only is FU substituted for I’ll twice, but the hero turns the heroine to fece him and surveys her fece. 8 more words


Your Sunday Bottomless Mimosa of Stupid

Hebephrenic TeeVee Dinner heir and vanity press owner Tucker Carlson shows us again why we laugh at him and not with him:

Another Win the Morning for Petunia & Pals’ B-Team!


How They Found Us

I think that ought to be the Scissorhead Sekrit Psswd!!1!