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Sweet Valley Senior Year. The First Few Books, Or: How to Ruin a Girl With One Word

I started reading a couple of these on openlibrary last night and though I don’t have a full snark, I wanted to share some thoughts. I will apologize ahead of time if this is scattered, I’ve been sick for a week or so and my brain just isn’t functioning at the level it should be, as you could probably tell from the last two snarks. 1,158 more words


Bachelorette Ep 4: The One Where Courtney is an Evil, Awesome Genius

Evening lovers.  This ‘cap is going to be a short one because Rico kept waking me up screaming and insisting there was a tongue in his bed. 1,758 more words


Am I a snake person?

Am I a Millenial Snake Person? Rolling Stone says that Millennials have “never heard of” these things. So I read through the list and commented on each thing. 753 more words

Check It Out

SVH #20 Crash Landing, or: How to Cure Hysterical Paralysis in 151 Pages

Poor Enid. Not only does she have to deal with having that condescending, self-absorbed bitch Liz as her best friend, but her boyfriend George is cheating on her with Robin Wilson. 827 more words


Perfect High, or Selfies a Slippery Slope

Oh, Lifetime, you sure do like your softcore illness porn, and this movie was no exception.

I can’t even really snark this one like I normally would, because I just watched it and feel like my brain has been put through a blender. 736 more words


They Seem Nice, Part Infinity

CBS tells us:

A North Carolina gun rights group is raffling off an AR-15, ammunition and a photo of Hillary Clinton that they say is “very popular at the range.” 68 more words


Noot Speaks!

Staff-banging, serial adulterer Noot address the gay Uncle Tom’s Log Cabin Club:

“You’re not supposed to gain 60 pounds the year you’re Miss Universe” -Newt Gingrich, this evening, on Alicia Machado…

74 more words