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This Exists

What better way to ensure sweet dreams for your li’l padawan than to have an Imperial Storm Trooper nightlight to tuck into bed with him/her.


This Exists

It’s the Mile-Low Club!

For a nominal fee*, you and your Valentine** can take the plunge while taking the plunge, so to speak, in a luxurious submarine! 86 more words


The October Surprise, Redux

I get accused of hyperbole now and again (mea culpa), but I think that this news story—if true—does pass the threshold for treasonous behavior on the part of the Republicans unnamed… 295 more words


I'm Probably Not Going To Find This Funny Once I Feel Better

It looks like the aftermath of the Donner Pizza Party in here.

– Me after observing the results of when a family of four feels just well enough to eat, but not well enough to cook or clean up after themselves in the slightest.  9 more words

Thoughts Profound And Otherwise

One Lump of Stupid or Two, Cliven?


(CNN)The armed occupiers of a wildlife refuge in Oregon say they will turn themselves in on Thursday morning, hours after Cliven Bundy — the father of protest leader Ammon Bundy — was arrested by federal agents. 160 more words


Thursday Thoughts - Be Kind

Okay so, slight rant here. Can we as a society stop judging books by their covers?  I have been small my whole life. If I had even a penny for every time someone said something snarky about my weight/size, I could probably retire right now. 379 more words


We here at The Rotting Post wish to express our regrets regarding the previous “About This Blog” post. It really did not explain much at all.

128 more words