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Good Ads, Cont.

I kinda-sorta remember this, but it seems so long ago. For some reason, I thought she took her top off too, but had a second top underneath.


Open Tabs

A semi-regular feature of longish stories that I’ve been browsing that maybe you might want to read:


Exclusive Breaking News About the New York Times!!!!

We here at Foster Disbelief can now confidently report that the New York Times, long considered the newspaper of record in the United States, is being controlled by a cabal of far right wing reptoids from the planet Gliese 581d.  180 more words

Batshit Insanity

The Best Little Trailer Park in Oklahoma...

…appears to be at the Governor’s mansion:

“The 28 year old adult daughter of Oklahoma Governor Mary Fallin moved her “nice trailer” to the backyard of the Governor’s mansion and is living in it with her husband.” 137 more words