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I Know Which One They Meant

So I’m on Twitter, and I see #SaySomethingNiceAboutHillary has started to trend.  I’m not the biggest Hillary Clinton fan (or Clinton fan, for that matter), so the eye twitches a little.  48 more words


The Questions You Are Allowed to Ask Me

So you read my blog and have maybe read my books (you should totally read my books because they are quite possibly the best works yet written and may be the best of all time except I am writing more which may in fact prove better…just saying) or you have been a student of mine or are a student of mine or you work with me in some capacity…or you just see me in Starbucks. 262 more words

The Trans Fandango

Abolisht: People Who Take Cell Phone Videos in Portrait


I would like everyone to take out their smartphones.   What a wonder of modern technology!  It connects us to our communities. It gives us access, potentially, to all of our collected human knowledge. 431 more words


Friday Favorites - Guilty Pleasures

Everyone has guilty pleasures, right?

I am told, often, that I have missed many that I would have enjoyed.  “Charmed” or “Buffy” for instance.  Television has lots of things to offer as diversion from life.   388 more words

Feminism & Humanism

The Morning Quote

“Mr. Speaker, can you stop this circus with the Assemblyman from District 19? Could you just sit your ass down and be quiet.”

So speaketh the wingnut lady from Nevada, Michele Fiore, to her colleague Chris Edwards the gentleman from Nevada.

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Is it safe to date a psychopath?

Not loving these ugly blobs of grey all over the page. It’s all because I’ve quoted an external source, but here they fuse with the border around my French graffiti picture to create something hideous. 452 more words


Some Fries With Your Stupid?

“That’s Senator Chaps to you,” said Gordon Klingenschmitt Demon Hunter/CO Assemblyman, “vote for me.”