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Unless You Are The Lead Dog, The View Never Changes #Indiana

Indiana Governor Mike Pence, the life-like automaton made entirely out of termite infested wood, seems genuinely shocked at the reaction to his signing the now-notorious… 348 more words


Review: Gilmore Girls – Season 1, Episode 20 "P.S. I Lo..."

EPISODE 20!!! Oh shit, I am SO CLOSE to the end of the first season. I hope this episode has more exciting plot points than last episode – the only noteworthy thing from that one was “Judgy WASP Mom wears ugly shoes.” 910 more words

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Another open letter to Mike Pence

Dear Mike,

Can I call you Mike, or are you more of a Michael? Doesn’t matter, now that I think about it. The important part is that I can see you, sir, are a visionary who is acting on behalf of the greater good of the people. 809 more words

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Review: Gilmore Girls - Season 1, Episode 19 "Emily in Wonderland"

Time for Judgy WASP Mom to go antiquing in Stars Hollow! I hope she buys Miss Patty’s discarded drums and dances nude atop them for Spacey Grandpa. 654 more words

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News That Will Drive You To Drink

Fashion-forward Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Lindsey Graham’s Closet), the man who gives millenials an even worse reputation, gives his final speech in Congress:

So you see, he’s just like Honest Abe (except for the honesty part, and that Schock served 3 terms and Lincoln only one, and….)