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There’s something about doves that reminds me of gracefulness. Their colour, the way they move.

That being said, releasing doves at weddings will always be kind of tacky. 10 more words


Non-Binary Bisexuality

Today I had to explain to my therapist that no, being bisexual doesn’t mean I think there are only two genders. Which is a perfectly fair question that even lots of queer people have, but… I don’t think any cishet has ever had to explain being cishet to their therapist, and that right there is cishet privilege and I feel a little bit tired. 308 more words

Queer Issues

Snarking Obsidian: Chapter 9

Previously on  Obsidian, Katy and Daemon almost advance their relationship from Mutual Hatred to PASSIONATE SMOOCHES. Later, Dee begs Katy not to go to the library alone tonight, because the town’s lurking girlnapper might girlnap her. 1,556 more words

Activism: Take Control of Our DNC, Take Control of Our Country, Take Control of Your Life

I saw this article in The Guardian the yesterday…

Without a path from protest to power, the Women’s March will end up like Occupy

Shortly after Donald Trump’s shock election victory, I received an urgent call from one of the co-creators of the Women’s March on Washington.

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MKR 2017: A Full Body Cavity Inspection of the New Teams

Hola, lovers!  The team profiles are finally up and that means time to pull on the rubber gloves, forgo the Vaseline and give the next round of contestants a thorough seeing-to.  1,783 more words


My relationship with my pants

This is a prompt from somewhere and for whatever reason it just reminds me of my experience when I went to see Backstreet Boys and New Kids on their joint tour. 560 more words