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Bad Signs, Cont.

The whole family will remember this year’s Thanksgiving pictures, for sure!

(Hat tip: Scissorhead Buckobear)


Two-Faced Senator Speaks out of Both Sides of Each Mouth

Sen. Lisa Murkowski wrote an editorial in the Fairbanks Daily  in which she says that she is OK with repealing the ACA’s individual mandate because she supports the freedom to choose. 187 more words


News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs

Flip Benham, father of the Frosted Tips Twins, comes rushing to the defense of Alabama’s favorite alleged child molester Roy Moore: 37 more words


My Example Of Anti-Reflective Lenses In Action

Me:  *taking my glasses off*  Maybe it’s me . . . 

L’s Mother:  *smirking, but remaining silent as she waits for it*

Me:  *putting my glasses back on*  6 more words

Thoughts Profound And Otherwise

do you have a best friend?

I don’t consider myself to have a best friend these days. I have good friends. Although, they are mostly distant these days. My fault because for a year I had a phone that was useless and then I became useless. 601 more words


The Star Mangled Banner, Musical Mess

Let me first say that I am about to mock our national anthem.  Not because I disrespect the country, I actually stand, hand over heart, during its playing at all ballgames.  650 more words