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5 Reasons Why Making Eye Contact Is Unnecessary

1. It can get awkward

Yesterday, I was walking past two people and one of them looked dead at me while talking to the other person. 503 more words


Red Flags, YIKES!

I am really good at tons of stuff! One of my biggest talents is being attracted to shitty guys. I have experienced TONS of them, so I can assist you stuff that I believe are considered red flags. 560 more words

Snarky Opinions

I'm not a xerox face.

When I started college, I really wanted to be an anchorwoman. I wanted to be the next Jessica Savitch. I bought her biography, and read everything about her, I had her plastered all over my Myspace…she was so edgy, she was dark, and groundbreaking. 375 more words

Snarky Opinions

News That Will Drive You To Drink

Happy Hour News Briefs

Hair Führer’s greatest fanboi and the pride of Nevada, Wayne Allyn Root, is claiming that he prophesized (is to a verb!) the Mexico earthquake two weeks ago! 36 more words


Take off the White Shoes


I gave you a warning on Labor Day that there would be no exceptions: the white shoes come off at 1:02 PM Pacific.

(The belts come off later, yeah baby…)


UPDATED: Sessions Makes A Run For The Border

Jefferson Beauregard ‘Stonewall’ Sessions III was being Jefferson Beauregard ‘Stonewall’ Sessions III again, you guys!

The attorney general said the Department of Justice is working with the departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services to “examine the unaccompanied minors issue and the exploitation of this program by the gang members who come to this country as wolves in sheep’s clothing.”

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