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In a prior post involving supernatural phenomena, I mentioned the FahrverGremlin that lived inside my 1989 Volkswagen Fox.  I owned Foxy for ten years, until she was nineteen with 279,000* miles.  217 more words


Vagina Monologues...

As all servers know, every time you approach a table, you are most likely interrupting conversations that are going on at the table. Sometimes customers will stop talking and other times they don’t, which can lead to overhearing some pretty interesting things. 141 more words


My Love Affair With Snark

Gary Larson was a famous American cartoonist from Tacoma, Washington. He had his “hay day” in the 1990s. He created The Far Side, a funny single-panel cartoon series. 592 more words


Sorry I asked...

Scenes from last night:

All these years later, I still haven’t been able to figure out why the most basic question a server can ask is always the most difficult for people to answer. 256 more words


A (Brief) Winter's Tail

“My whiskers, what a catastrophe that nearly was!”

After cleverly outwitting the dangerous intruder, Reggie McMouse returned to his favorite chair. He was particularly pleased with his plush new rug.

~The End~


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Busy working on my novel and prepping to teach a class, so I'm re-posting this 33 word "tail" from two years back. Stay warm, friends!

Well when you put it that way...

So, in a similar vein to Conversations In My Head, sometimes my brain will take something and spin it on its head in a delightfully snarky way. 200 more words


Dear Friends,

Master the two line email.

It’s short, sweet, and gets a response.

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