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School Daze...

Scenes from last night: (Can’t make this shit up Edition)


Last night, I was working the “dining counter” AKA the bar. It’s a very hectic area, where all the wine and beer is kept. 362 more words



If you’re a writer and you submit your work, rejection letters are a part of life.  They are generic and carefully worded, so as to let the rejectee down as gently as possible.   291 more words


Hail, Caesar!

Scenes from last night: (Canadian Edition)


After talking with a table of two about our menu, a husband and wife in their 60’s, I figured out fairly quickly that they are in town on vacation from Canada. 134 more words


A blog post about blogging

Hello there,

Nice to meet you.

I am Andrew Steven Miles. Many call me Andy. Few call me Andrew. Some call me Andy Panda. One friend calls me Andle the Sandle and a few coworkers call me Chandler. 236 more words


Here we go again 😖

Scenes from last night:

I walk up to a new table to greet them, when the following occurred:

Me: Hi, can I start you with something to drink? 52 more words


14 Lessons in Snark Brought to You by Motivational Posters

Inspirational quotes. They’ve infiltrated every aspect of our lives. Not a single guidance counselor’s office can be found without one plastered on a poster and tacked to the wall. 600 more words


TheSkimm raises $12 million for its snarky newsletters

(Source: techcrunch.com)

Seven million women (and men) love TheSkimm. 

With its daily newsletters designed to keep you in the loop on the latest news and pop culture, TheSkimm has developed a loyal following, and even recruits fans called… 178 more words