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Seems anything can be a sport these days, even things that require little or no physical skill or talent.  Like chess.  Or poker.  Since I suck… 141 more words


Snarky :0)

Snarky, sarcastic, snide – I love all of these. They make me smile, smirk, snort, or laugh out loud. I would never actually SAY these to anyone, but sometimes I would like to… 17 more words


I have loved this story from the very beginning with, First Grave on the Right. The author has been able to keep the story twisting and turning in such a way that I always look forward to Charlie and Reyes next adventures. 135 more words


The only thing I’ve ever wanted since right now

Owl and Monkey.  Balloon and Bear.  Can we trade?  Can we share?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  The world is full of changing needs and wants.  But be careful what you choose, because all your plans might come to nothing when the ring-tailed lemur shows up with an ice cream cone. 18 more words

Book Review

Bad seed? Baaaaaaaad seed.

Nice play on words, Jory John.  This bad seed is a happy sunflower seed gone gloriously wrong.  He plays the drums in the library, lies about pointless stuff, tells long jokes with no punch lines, and has some super-duper big eyebrows for a seed.  35 more words

Book Review

JAMIE'S BLOG - YEAR 7 - KINDNESS  DAY 274 giving up on kindness


I found this article tonight:

How Kindness Became Our Forbidden Pleasure

One quote caught my attention:

In giving up on kindness — and especially our own acts of kindness — we deprive ourselves of a pleasure that is fundamental to our sense of well-being. 112 more words



Is it Autumn or Fall?  My husband and I have debated the name of the season for the past thirty years.  To me, fall has always been fall.  440 more words