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Assume the Damn Sale

Unless your product sucks people want to buy it. The idea that if you come into a conversation assuming the sale you are “playing hardball” or “going in for the kill” drive me up a wall. 142 more words


Who the hell still uses Internet Explorer anyway?

“I swear to God Barbara if you tell me one more time that you followed my directions exactly I’m going to drive across the country and snap your laptop in half. 233 more words


Clients: Your unofficial sales team

I occasionally catch some flak for the amount of time that I spend dealing with current customers instead of prospecting for new ones. However, I am telling you right now that this is hands down the best way to maximize your sales. 297 more words


Budget Issues

Client: “Welllll…..I just don’t know if we’ve got room in our budget for this next year.”

              Snarky: “Sure, I understand. Times are tight, cutbacks are happening. 245 more words


Good Touch, Bad Touch

Why the hell haven’t you responded to my email Judy? You’ve opened it 17 times, Salesforce tells me so! I mean I know you didn’t come back to it or forward it to your co-workers just for kicks and giggles. 235 more words


Confessions of a library assistant (Pt 10)

  • When it takes half an hour to get reimbursed for $3 of milk, but only 5 minutes for $189 of taxi fares, something is wrong with local government.
  • 428 more words

Library rant

We had an IELTS book returned full of pencil marks (made by multiple users- it was for exam preparation). I ended up removing it from the collection (yes, throwing it away or sending it to charity) because of this. 244 more words