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Bedtime for Bonzo

How are you doing? Check yourself by playing this TMI Tuesday. Free yourself. . . 1. What do you need to learn but won’t admit to?

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In which I move to Canada and meet PM Justin Trudeau

The pack of dogs wasn’t far behind. I could almost feel their teeth on my heels, and I knew if I fell down, I was kibble. 545 more words


Announcing: Highly Facetious Comics

Hey folks!

So, looks like I’ll be doing a series of short comics for Disinfo, which I’ve decided to call “Highly Facetious” because…well.

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Peter Andre forces Junior to socialise!

By now you’ve definitely heard of the hit game Fortnite, and if you haven’t… seriously where have you been? It’s Battle Royale components paired with cartoon characteristics are the perfect combo for any young teen to get addicted to, even celebrities like Peter Andre’s son, Junior… 289 more words