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Who's laughing now?

It was only after the conversation ended did the inspiring witty reply find its way to my tongue. Once again I lost the battle of wits and lay bleeding, secretly embarrassed and kicking myself for being too slow on the draw.  372 more words

While You Were Happy

My friend Liz and I have started a web comic on Instagram called While You Were Happy and have been slowly telling people about it. The project is an outlet for us to share our love of dark humor and to collaborate in a fun, creative way. 15 more words

So Here's the Truth

I’m an impostor.

Okay, so some would call it being mature and showing restraint. At work, it’s called being professional. Sometimes I just want to say exactly what’s on my mind. 64 more words


Snarky, Sarcasticky, Profaney Thoughts: Defining the United Fucking States of Fucking Stupid

Two ideas have collided in my mind, and they have caused a disturbance. Tell me what you think of these two gems juxtaposed next to each other. 565 more words



Actuel: I have to insist: can there ever be, one fine day in history, a collective and enduring expression of liberated desire, and how?

Deleuze: If one knew, one wouldn’t talk about it, one would do it.

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Back to The Ducky Diary

My brother spent most of this past week with us and Ducky was not happy about it.

I met Doug at the airport on Saturday afternoon (8/19) and from the time we got back here to the house until he left on Wednesday afternoon to visit with a friend in Asheville, Ducky was in snark mode. 386 more words



Have you ever felt like you were being trolled after making an online purchase?  The Cosmos knows not only what you bought, but a host of other things you might like, based on that choice.  331 more words