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Quebec rejects $330-million lawsuit filed by SNC-Lavalin consortium over hospital

MONTREAL – Quebec’s health minister has rejected a lawsuit filed Friday by an SNC-Lavalin consortium seeking $330 million for extra costs to build and manage a big Montreal hospital at the centre of bribery allegations involving a former CEO of the engineering and construction firm. 431 more words


SNC-Lavalin still hoping to resolve criminal charges as hearing set for 2018

MONTREAL – SNC-Lavalin hasn’t given up all hope of resolving the criminal fraud charges it faces as the date for its preliminary hearing was set Friday for the fall of 2018. 385 more words


More problems plague MUHC as employees complain of bitter cold

MONTREAL – For several weeks now, Montrealers have bundled up to battle the January winter deep freeze outside, but inside the MUHC, some employees complain there isn’t much difference. 378 more words


EXCLUSIVE: Unhappy employees at new MUHC Glen site call it 'Glentanamo'

MONTREAL –  To the outsider, the superhospital at the Glen site is shiny, clean, and most importantly, new. But inside the modern building, the McGill University Health Centre… 776 more words


Liberal estimates and guesstimates

This article first published here in October 2014 is even more significant today.

BC’s Minister of Energy and Mines says the $7.9 billion budget for Site C is “reliable” and the estimate of “direct construction costs” of $3.8 billion has “an 18% contingency.” Bill Bennett’s words are imprecise but if $3.8 billion includes the contingency, the allowance for known unknowns and unknown unknowns would be $580 million, 8% of the entire project cost. 552 more words

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Deterrence lost in plea deals

Deferred prosecution agreements that let companies pay fines for wrongdoing could backfire by encouraging repeat criminality. Probe International’s Patricia Adams for the National Post. 1,128 more words

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